Our Innovation and Design Thinking Research Interests

In earlier design thinking research, as in the present research, Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel's team strives to deeply understand how design thinking can be adopted in the field of IT (information technology) and engineering. How does design thinking inspire creative multidisciplinary teamwork across faculties? How can spatial, time, and cultural boundaries be overcome? How can design thinking be meshed with traditional approaches in engineering?

Former Projects

  • E.valuate: Monodisciplinary vs. multidisciplinary teams in and desig (here)
  • D-Tools 2.0: Supporting Distributed Design Thinking with the Help of Innovative Collaboration   
  • Collaborative creativity in the development processes in the IT industry stimulated by Design Thinking. 
  • The project "e.valuate" investigated decisive factors that enable teams to create innovations, using design thinking. For more information please click here.

Our Publications in Innovation and Design Thinking Research

Here you can find our papers about innovation and design thinking research. All our publications are listet here.

Our Design Thinking Research Team

  • Head (PI): Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
  • Team
    • Dr. Julia von Thienen
    • Kim-Pascal Borchart
    • Corinna Jaschek
    • Lena Mayer
    • Holly McKee
    • Karen von Schmieden
    • Hanadi Traifeh
    • Reem Abou Refaie
    • Theresa Weinstein
  • Former Members: Oliver Böckmann, Nicolas D'Aleman Arango, Lutz Gericke, Raja Gumienny, Birgit Jobst, Anne Kerguenne, Eva Köppen, Tilmann Lindberg, Christine Noweski, Anja Perlich, Matthias Quasthoff, Shama Rahman, Ingo Rauth, Holger Rhinow, Joaquin Santuber, Jan Schmiedgen, Thomas Unterholzer, Mana Taheri, Ralf Wagner, Matthias Wenzel, Christian Willems

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