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"Tele-Teaching: Scaling up to Worldwide Learning"

8th to 9th of October 2012, Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Potsdam, Germany

For the 6th time since 2006, the tele-TASK Symposium has brought together passionate practitioners and researchers who discussed innovative technologies and methodologies for online learning. The complete recordings can be found at the tele-TASK portal: 6th tele-TASK Symposium .

Session contents

Emerging Solutions and new Contexts for Education

During the last year, new formats of open online courses have attracted a massive world-wide audience and have gained considerable global attention throughout higher education and media. In this session we will discuss how these formats express new technological affordances, pedagocical approaches, and economical opportunities, and we will present HPI's own platform for open online courses, openHPI.

Tele-Teaching in Industry and Society

This session will showcase and reflect upon video-based learning in multinational organizations and distributed communities.

Semantics and Media Analysis

This session focuses on the application of technologies qualified to enrich the teaching experience by means of semantical and visual analysis of the available lecture data. We will discuss proven and potential benefits of linked data for user queries and recommendation systems as well as of audio/visual analysis of the conte

Tele-Teaching in Science and Academic Institutions

This session will present reports and discussions about how tele-teaching is integrated in university and students' life.

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