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Internet Security

By means of our innovative and mobile tele-TASK system we have recorded in the winter semester 2014/15 the lecture series

We offer these 19 lectures as stream or podcasts not only for our HPI Bachelor students but also to computer science students at the Technical University of Beijing via our Internet-Bridge. Anyone else who is interested is invited to freely access the lectures. Enjoy viewing!

This is the 12th transmission of this tele-lecture. You can find the old materials here:

Lectures and Abstract

     Winter Semester 2014/15 | Detailed View
           Internet Weaknesses and Targets
 (Course also for Beijing University of Technology) 


"Internet Security - Weaknesses and Targets" is based on the lecture course "Internet and WWW Technologies" and povides an introduction to various topics concerning Internet and Intranet security. After starting with some remarks on risk analysis and computer crimes, Internet security weaknesses and targets are discussed in detail. There are lectures about

  • human factor and technical failures,
  • attacks on accounts and passwords,
  • attacks on Internet protocols,
  • misuse of design and programming errors,
  • weaknesses in common operating systems,
  • targets in the WWW, and
  • current malware.

The lecture course concludes with an introduction about possibilities to detect attacks and intrusions and a discussion about legal and ethical issues.

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