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Research Seminars

In our weekly research seminars, researchers, Ph.D. students, and students of the chair of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel present their bachelor or master theses, give reports about their project work, or present the latest research results in their PhD projects. Besides, important journal or conference papers about related research work are presented as well as presentations which will be given at international conferences are rehearsed.

Date and Room

  • Tuesdays 15:15 in H-E.51


The links lead to the tele-TASK recordings of the presentations. These are only accessible when being logged in at tele-task.de using an account with an HPI email address.

Winter Semester 2017/2018

The presentations are recorded with tele-TASK and available to HPI members who are logged in with their HPI account) here.

Summer Semester 2017

Winter Semester 2016/2017

Summer Semester 2016

Winter Semester 2015/16

Summer Semester 2015

Winter Semester 2014/15

Older seminars

Older research seminars can be found here.

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