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Research Seminars

In our weekly research seminars, researchers, Ph.D. students, and students of the chair of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel present their bachelor or master theses, give reports about their project work, or present the latest research results in their PhD projects. Besides, important journal or conference papers about related research work are presented as well as presentations which will be given at international conferences are rehearsed.

Date and Room

  • Tuesdays 15:15 in H-E.51


The links lead to the tele-TASK recordings of the presentations. These are only accessible when being logged in at tele-task.de using an account with an HPI email address.

Summer Semester 2022

The presentations are recorded with tele-TASK and available to HPI members (who are logged in with their HPI accounthere.


21 Mar 2023

Katja Assaf-  conference paper:

Prison Break: From Proprietary Data Sources To SSI Verifiable Credentials

21 Feb 2023

Till Nowakowski– Intermediate Presentation:

Detection of overprivileged users and risk prioritization in an Active Directory in the context of lateral movement

14 Feb 2023

Kim-Pascal Borchart– Master Thesis Defense:

Automatic and Domain-Agnostic Creativity Measurements on Digital Human Traces


Vincent Rahn– Intermediate Presentation:

Behavioral Authentication based on door interaction

24 Jan 2023

Adrian Buchwald

Automated Annotation Detection and Removal

06 Dec 2022

Ziyun Li - Conference paper:

A closer look at novel class discovery from the labeled set


Weixing  Wang - Master mid-term presentation:

Network Intrusion Detection using pre-trained tabular representation models

29 Nov 2022

Lukas Ehrmann – Master Thesis Defense:

Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks based on a Graph Neural Network


Mehryar Majd Conference Paper Presentation:

A Comprehensive Review of Anomaly Detection in Web Logs


Rakibul Islam – Master Thesis Defense:

Outlier Detection to Enable Privacy Perserving High-Dimensional Data Analysis


Jonas Krah Master Thesis Intermediate Presentation :

Accelerating Monocular Depth Estimation using Binary Neural Networks

11 Nov 2022

Ali Alhosseini

Predicting User engagements using Graph Neural Networks on Online Social Networks


Ziyun Li

Not All Knowledge Is Created Equal: Mutual Distillation of Confident Knowledge

25 Oct 2022

Leonard Marschke - Master Thesis Defence

On the feasibility of integrating OpenID Connect into open-source desktop environments

09 Sep 2022

Marvin Mirtschin – Master Thesis Defense:

Gaitomator - Building a Groundwork for inertial sensor-based Gait Recognition

23 Aug 2022

Brian Pfitzmann, Furkan Simsek -  Final Presentation

Developing Language Identification for Art-Historical Documents


Daniel Koehler

Integrating Podcasts into MOOCs: Comparing Effects of Audio- and Video-Based Education for Secondary Content

08 Aug 2022

Maximilian Franz, Florian Müller, Hoang An Nguyen, Tilman Schütze, Stefan Spangenberg- bachelor project:

CASPER - Lernvideos finden leicht gemacht


Leonard Marschke - Intermidate Master’s presentation
Modern Authentication and Authorization on Linux Desktops

19 Jul 2022

Lukas Ehrmann 

Network Intrusion Detection Systems based on Graph Neural Network


Eric Ziegler

Zero-Shot Token Classification with Question Answering Transformer Models

21 Jun 2022

Jonas Schmitz, Till Nowakowski, Lieven Leue, Mario Freund

Vulnerability Database for Cyber Threat Intelligence


Till Nowakowski, Brian Pfitzmann, Furkan Simsek

Developing Language Identification for Art-Historical Documents


Kaja Schmidt:

Introductory presentation

04 May 2022

Holly Ambrozic McKee

Automatic Detection of the Flow Mental State in the Context of Creative Collaboration

19 April 2022

Marvin Mirtschin

Reproducibility of gait authentication algorithms


Wenzel Pünter

Towards Mining Actionable Threat Intelligence from Process Behavior Graphs


Tobias Bredow

Synthesis of annotated medical images using style based generators

Summer Semester 2019

The presentations are recorded with tele-TASK and available to HPI members (who are logged in with their HPI accounthere.


02 Apr 2019

Tobias Rohloff
Utilizing Web Analytics in the Context of Learning Analytics for Large-Scale Online Learning


Max Bothe
From MOOCs to Micro Learning Activities


Thomas Staubitz
MOOCs in Secondary Education - Experiments and Observations from German Classrooms

09 Apr 2019

Felix Seidel
Deep En-Route Filtering of Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) Messages on 6LoWPAN Border Routers


Michael Meinig
Holistic Strategy-Based Threat Model for Organizations
Rough Logs - A Data Reduction Approach for Log Files

16 Apr 2019

Mana Taheri
Towards Culturally Inclusive MOOCs: A Design-Based Approach


Karen von Schmieden
Skill Confidence Ratings in a MOOC: Examining the Link Between Skill Confidence and Learner Development

 Dr. Adebayo Omotosho
Introductory Presentation
30 Apr 2019Dominic Sauer
Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs (Master Thesis Defense)
07 May 2019/
14 May 2019


Winter Semester 2018/2019

The presentations are recorded with tele-TASK and available to HPI members (who are logged in with their HPI accounthere.


16 Oct 2018

Nuhad Shaabani
Improving the Efficiency of Inclusion Dependency Detection


Ali Alhosseini
Introductory Presentation

23 Oct 2018

Kennedy Torkura
CSBAuditor -  Proactive Security Risk Analysis for Cloud Storage Broker Systems

13 Nov 2018

Mina Rezaei
Learning Imbalance Medical Imaging


Johannes Sianipar
Virtual Machine Integrity Verification in Crowd-Resourcing Virtual Laboratory


Master Project Self-Sovereign Identity
Identity Management with Blockchain Technology


Ting Hu
Introductory Presentation

20 Nov 2018

Dominic Sauer
Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs (Master Intro)


Christian Bartz
LoANs: Weakly Supervised Object Detection with Localizer Assessor Networks


Mina Rezaei
Generative Adversarial Framework for Learning Multiple Clinical Tasks

27 Nov 2018

Mina Rezaei
Conditional Generative Refinement GAN for Learning Unbalanced Medical Imaging


Jonathan Sauder
Pseudo-Ground-Truth Training for Adversarial Text Generation with Reinforcement Learning

04 Dec 2018

Kennedy Torkura
A Cyber Risk Based Moving Target Defense Mechanism for Microservice Architectures


Johannes Sianipar
Moving Sensitive Data Against Live Memory Dumping, Spectre and MeltDown Attacks
11 Dec 2018


Jonas Keutel
Towards Shared Learning Contents - and how to make teachers want to contribute


Michael Janke
Digitale Medien im Klassenzimmer

18 Dec 2018

Muhammad Ihsan Sukmana
Unified Cloud Access Control Model for Cloud Storage Broker


Marvin Bornstein
Evaluation of Quantized Deep Neural Networks
 Georg Berecz
A Web-Based Planning Tool for German School Teachers (Master Defense)
15 Jan 2019

Mina Rezaei
Conditional Generative Refinement Adversarial Networks for Learning Imbalanced Medical Image Semantic Segmentation

 Bachelor Project Behavioral Authentication
Access Management Platform
19 Feb 2019Dr. Julia von Thienen
Estimator socialization in design thinking: The dynamic process of learning how to judge creative work
 Michael Meinig
Finding Classification Zone Violations with Anonymized Message Flow Analysis
26 Feb 2019Balthasar Martin
Evaluating the Security of Cloud-based Remote Access for the Internet of Things (Master Thesis Defense)
 Master Project Self-sovereign Identity
Final Presentation
 Paul Arndt
Supporting interneal differentiation with the HPI Schul-Cloud (Master Thesis Mid-Term)
12 Mar 2019Andreas Grüner
A Comparative Analysis of Trust Requirements in Decentralized Identity Management
 Sebastian Serth
Individual Worksheets with Interactive Programming Exercises within the Schul-Cloud (Master Thesis Mid Presentation)
 Markus Dücker
Augmenting Ideation Processes in Digital Whiteboards Through Crowdsourced Contributions (Master Thesis Intro)
19 Mar 2019Muhammad Ihsan Sukmana
Supporting Internet-based Location for Location-based Access Control in Enterprise Cloud Storage Solution
 Benedikt Bock
Link Layer Key Revocation and Rekeying for the Adaptive Key Establishment Scheme
26 Mar 2019Jan Renz
Evaluating project based education for IT-system engineering
 Marvin Bornstein
Evaluation of Quantized Deep Neural Networks
 Torben Meyer
Handwriting Detection/Recognition from Art-Historical Documents


Summer Semester 2018

The presentations are recorded with tele-TASK and available to HPI members (who are logged in with their HPI accounthere.


17 April 2018

Anja Perlich
Evaluation of the Technology Acceptance of a Collaborative Documentation System for Addiction Therapists and Clients


Kennedy Torkura
A Threat Modelling Approach for Cloud Storage Brokerage and File Sharing Systems


Sören Oldag
Utilizing Web Analytics in the Context of Learning Analytics (Master Thesis Intro)


Henriette Dinger

Development of a Framework for User-oriented Improvements on MOOC Platforms


Florian Morel
Introductory Presentation

08 May 2018

Nicco Kunzmann

Wie können Schüler zur Schul-Cloud beitragen?


Daniel Werner

Key Revocation and Rekeying for the Adaptive Key Establishment Scheme

15 May 2018

Christiane Hagedorn

Exploring Possibilities to Partially Transform Simulation Exercises into Interactive Games on OpenWHO.org


Haofang Lu
Introductory Presentation


Hannes Schurig
Introductory Presentation

22 May 2018

Martin Fritzsche
An Open Source Framework for Binarized and  Quantized Neural Networks (Master Thesis Defense)


Master Project
Nature Language Generation Using Generative Adversarial Networks (Final Presentation)


Jonas Keutel

Lesson Planning in the Schul-Cloud

12 June 2018

Mina Rezaei
Automatic Cardiac MRI Segmentation via Context-aware Recurrent Generative Adversarial Neural Network


Ra'ad Bin Tareaf
ASEDS: Towards Automatic Social Emotion Detection System Using Facebook Reactions


Konstantin Kaiser
Introductory Presentation

19 June 2018

Balthasar Martin
Security in Generic Application Scenario of Smart Devices (Master Thesis Intro)

 Bachelor Project BP2017M1
A Big Security Data Analytical Framework: Prototype Presentation
17 July 2018Dr. Julia von Thienen
Innovation Modelling in Engineering and Scholastic Philosophy
 Andreas Grüner
A Quantifiable Trust Model for Blockchain-based Identity Management
 Julian Taraz
Introductory Presentation
24 July 2018

Eric Klieme
Beware of SMOMBIES: User verification based on Activities while Walking

31 July 2018

Kennedy Torkura
CAVAS: Neutralizing Application and Container Security Vulnerabilities in the Cloud Native Era


Dr. Baale Adebisi Abimbola
Introductory Presentation

07 Aug 2018

David Jaeger
Accelerating Event Processing for Security Analytics on a Distributed In-Memory Platform

14 Aug 2018

Michael Janke
Digital Media in the Classroom (Master Thesis Intro)

 Georg Berecz
Competence Based Annual Education Planning (Master Thesis Intro)
21 Aug 2018

Jan Renz
OpenWHO: Integrating Online Knowledge Transfer into Health Emergency Response


Tobias Rohloff
Strukturelle Unterstützung von kollaborativer Learning Analytics Forschung

28 Aug 2018

Torben Meyer
End-to-End Handwriting Recognition on Document Notes (Master Thesis Intro) 


Anja Perlich
Cooperative Note-Taking in Psychotherapy Sessions: An Evaluation of the Therapist’s User Experience with Tele-Board MED

 Tobias Rohloff
Towards Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs
 Jan Renz
Datenschutzkonforme Learning Analytics bei Einbindung externer Materialen in Lernportale im schulischen Umfeld
11 Sept 2018

Tom Staubitz
Team-Based Assignments in MOOCs – User Feedback

 Tom Staubitz
Collaborative Learning in MOOCs - Approaches and Experiments
18 Sept 2018

Tobias Rohloff
Towards a Better Understanding of Mobile Learning in MOOCs


Sören Oldag
Utilizing Web Analytics in the Context of Learning Analytics (Master Defense)


Henriette Dinger
Developing User-oriented Improvements on the HPI MOOC Platforms (Master Defense)

Winter Semester 2017/2018

The presentations are recorded with tele-TASK and available to HPI members (who are logged in with their HPI accounthere.


10 Oct 2017

Ihsan Sukmana
Redesign CloudRAID for Flexible and Secure Enterprise File Sharing over Public Cloud Storage 



Aragats Amirkhanyan
The Framework for Spatiotemporal Sequential Rule Mining: Crime Data Case Study 


Pejman Najafi
Guilt-by-Association: Detecting Malicious Entities via Graph Mining


Felix Wolff
Denial-of-Sleep Resilient Opportunistic Routing in 802.15.4 Networks (Master thesis mid-thesis presentation) 

17 Oct 2017

Tobias Straub
Kontextbasierte Visualisierung von Medieninhalten für die Schul-Cloud


Konrad-Felix Krentz
More Lightweight, yet Stronger 802.15.4 Security through an Intra-Layer Optimization


Tobias Rohloff
Supporting Multi-Device E-Learning Patterns with Second Screen Mobile Applications


Daniel Werner
Key Revocation for the Adaptive Key Establishment Scheme (AKES) 

24 Oct 2017

Malte Swart
Automatic Packaging and Updates of Dependencies for Package-based Continuous Integration (Master thesis defense)


Jan Graichen
Application Performance Monitoring on Distributed Web Applications (Master thesis defense)


Kennedy Torkura
Leveraging Cloud Native Design Patterns for Security-as-a-Service Applications

07 Nov 2017

Aragats Amirkhanyan
Density and Intensity-based Spatiotemporal Clustering with Fixed Distance and Time Radius


Johannes Jasper
Authorship Attribution using deep Stylometric Fingerprints (master thesis intro)


Markus Petrykowski
Digital Collaboration with virtual reality (master thesis intro)

14 Nov 2017

Master Project Behavioral Authentication
Intro Presentation

21 Nov 2017

Tom Staubitz
Towards a Repository for Open Auto-Gradable Programming Exercises        


Vivien Malyska
Projekt Schul-Cloud: Anwendungsszenarien, Herausforderungen und Potenziale digitaler Bildung an Schulen 

28 Nov 2017

Kennedy Torkura
Integrating Continuous Security Assessments in Microservices and Cloud Native Applications  


Johannes Sianipar
Signed URL for an Isolated Web Server in a Virtual Laboratory  


Johannes Sianipar
Team Placement in Crowd-Resourcing Virtual Laboratory for IT Security e-learning

12 Dec 2017

Ihsan Sukmana
Unified Logging System for Monitoring Multiple Cloud Storage providers in Cloud Storage Broker

 Michael Meinig
Securing the Flow - Data Flow Analysis with Operational Node Structures
09 Jan 2018Markus Petrykowski
Digital Collaboration with Virtual Reality (master thesis defense)
 Johannes Jasper
Authorship Attribution using Stylometric Fingerprints (master thesis defense) 
16 Jan 2018

Prof. Matthew Adigun
Mission-specific Small Data Driven Innovation for Business Intelligence-A Proposal

 Henning Agt-Rickauer
DoMoRe - A Recommender System for Domain Modeling
 Jacqueline Thorns
Introductory Presentation
06 Feb 2018Konrad-Felix Krentz
Denial-of-Sleep-Resilient Session Key Establishment for 802.15.4 Security: From Adaptive to Responsive
 Bachelor Project CM1
Big Data Architectures & Analytics in Security
 Alexander Mühle
Introductory Presentation
06 March 2018Mina Rezaei
Automatic Cardiac MRI Segmentation via Context-aware Recurrent Generative Adversarial Neural Network​
 Christian Bartz
SEE: Towards Semi-Supervised End-to-End Scene Text Recognition


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