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PostDocs am Lehrstuhl

External PostDocs

  • Dr. rer. nat. Ibrahim Takouna (now in Berlin)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Hosnieh Rafiee (now with Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Xiaoyin Che (now with Siemens, Beijing)

Former PostDocs

  • Dr. rer. nat. Tobias Rohloff (now with Evermood GmbH, Berlin)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Jan Renz (now with BMBF, Berlin)
  • Dr. Julia von Thienen (now Senior Researcher, HPI)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Harald Sack (now with KIT, Karlsruhe)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Michael Noll (now with Verisign, Switzerland)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Stephan Repp (now with Berufsbildendes Gymnasium, Trier)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Serge Linckels (now with Lycée Technique Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg)
  • Michael Totschnig, PhD
  • Dr. rer. nat. Rehab AlNemr (no with HP Labs, Bristol)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Ivonne Scherfenberg, geb. Thomas (now with Bundesdruckerei, Berlin)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Roschke (now with Google, Mountain View)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Quasthoff (now with Google, London)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Frank Losemann (now with Actisis AG, Trier)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Roth (now with CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Heuer (now with Actisis AG, Trier)
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ernst-Georg Haffner (now with University of Applied Science, Trier)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Carsten Damm (now with University of Göttingen)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Krause (now with University of Mannheim)

Supervised Habililtations

  • PD Dr.rer.nat. Stasys Jukna (now with University of Frankfurt /Main)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Carsten Damm (now with University of Göttingen)
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Mundhenk

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