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This is the collection of all conference papers that Prof. Meinel has co-authored. It works with a source repository located on HPI puma instance (available also from HPI external)

1. To make your new publications shown on the pages (complete list as well as sub-pages), you need first add the bibtex info of your publication on puma
    (login using your HPI credential. You may need join the group "its" after the first successful login)

2. For FG-Meinel, the puma repository is supposed to host conference papers ONLY, i.e., inproceedings. The “article”, “bookchapter”, or "technicalreport" posts that you have created should be set as "hidden".

3. The mandatory information for a “inproceedings” post consists of: Author List, Paper Title, Proceeding Title (Abbreviation of the conference + Year), Publisher, Conference venue, Conference date, Page number, Project

  • Fill in the full names (Firstname Lastname) of all the authors in the field “author” and separate them by comma
  • Fill in the full proceeding title in the field “booktitle” with the template “Proceedings of the iteration-no. (or year) + full conference name + (Abbreviation Year)”
  • Publisher (e.g., IEEE Press, ACM Press, Springer LNCS, …) should be in the field “publisher”, NOT the field “organization”
  • Conference venue should be in the field “address” formatted as “city, country
  • Conference date may involve two fields “month” and “year
  • Please also create and upload a customized version of the paper (i.e., a pdf file with the footnote indicating bibtex info)
  • For being included in the related sub-pages, at least one specific term from the list is needed for the field "project": “Security and Trust”, “Multimedia and Machine Learning”, “ Web University”, “Innovation Methods” (or “ Design Thinking”), “Web 3.0”, “eHealth” (or “tele-Medicine).
    • Try either of the two ways for adding the field "project":

      • Option 1 - edit the original bibtex file by adding a new line, something as “project ={Security and Trust, REAMS, …}” and import the new bibtex snippet in puma.

      • Option 2 - manually add/edit a post è  “Show all fields” è “expert view” è manually add “project = { tele-Medicine }” in the “misc fields”.

    • You are encouraged to feed in more terms (separated by a comma), e.g., "Schulcloud", "openHPI" “tele-TASK”, “REAMS”, etc., which can be used to create the customized publication list on your project pages
  • Check an existing post if you are confused with the required information for specific fields.

4. For the journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports, please manually edit the respective pages on the typo3 backend. If you do not have the right, please feel free to reach out to Feng Cheng.

5. Please also check your paper items on the current pages and make sure the information/format is complete, accurate, and consistent. Fix it by yourself or report to  Feng Cheng if you have found any errors with the old posts.

6. You may find further instructions on the page.