Collaborative Web

The social change in handling and using the internet as an information- and communication platform, a trend often referred to by the notion of Web 2.0, provides plenty of opportunities for this issue. It enables not only a substantially easier collaborative refurbishment of information, but also direct interaction and communication between users.

We investigate this in detail on the example of the national German IT-summit process, which has started in 2006 with the 1st German IT-summit at the HPI and the aim to discuss and provide political decisions with the aim to improve the national framwork for IT relevant affairs. The participants of these annual high-level summits assambling politicians, CEO of IT-industry and  chiefs of important IT research institutions belief that a public virtual communication platform might be a meaningful and necessary supplement to the efforts undertaken by the actual participants of the IT-summit. This belief resulted in the development of the “IT-Gipfel-Blog” with the objective to:

  • use the web as a multi-directional mediator, and not solely as a informational medium,
  • generate new, creative and visionary ideas from the broad public,
  • offer a platform to develop and leverage collective intelligence on the basis of a participative from of communication,
  • support the reflux of collaborative knowledge into the continuous work of the summit's working group,s
  • contribute with a contructive contribution to achieve the overall objective target of the summit.


While powering this blog platform we scientifically accompany this project and investigate how such a virtual platform effects discussions in society and what kind of impacts are possible. 

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