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Internet Security I - Internet Technology


The lecture course "Internet Security I" gives a detailed introduction into Internet Technology. It explains the function mode and architecture of Internets and Intranets and discusses important Internet protocols like IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, as well as Internet addressing and DNS. Moreover, the Internet Protocol Next Generation - IPv6 - will be introduced. Furthermore important Internet services like WWW, email, ftp, telnet, rsh and more will be treated. Encryptions standards like IPSec show possibilities for information security. New techniques like LDAP and Multimedia applications will complete this lecture about Internet Technology. The lecture course provides the basic understanding for a discussion of security weaknesses of Internet and Intranets and possible targets for attacks over the Internet which will be treated in the lecture course "Internet Security II - Weaknesses and Target".


Prof. Dr. sc. Christoph Meinel ( email | Homepage )




Start of the lecture: 09/19/2003,
Timetable: Friday, 08:00-10:00


Accessable via Internet: All lectures can be accessed with the Realplayer. Please refer to the page http://www.internet-bridge.hpi.uni-potsdam.de 


One exercise sheet per week has to be solved. Fifty percent of the maximum points have to be reached for the exam. All links to lectures and exercise sheets will be available through the tutorial page.
A Communication Platform for participants is also available!


Oral exam at the end of the lecture. Date and time will be announced.

Reference Book:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Dr. Harald Sack
WWW - Kommunikation, Internetworking, Web-Technologien


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