at Surgical Research Unit OP 2000 at Charité

Tumor conferences play an important role in modern cancer treatment. Physicians from different departments meet regularly (e.g., weekly or bi-weekly), and discuss diagnoses and treatments presented by the individual attendees. Physicians from remote sites might join using telephone or video conference. Although modern hospital process already support electronic documentation in Berlin and Brandenburg, preparing and documenting the tumor conferences has required huge manual efforts, as, e.g., compiling the meeting agenda in MS Word, gathering data from different sources. In the prototype developed as a student project supervised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, all tumor conference-related processes are aggregated into one user interface. Physicians can register their cases for different meetings, invitations can be sent for individual or recurring meetings. Medical data can directly be important from hospital information systems (HIS). The meeting minutes can directly be collected through the portal, which also provides a video conferencing facility. Relevant parts of the meeting minutes can be re-exported to the respective HIS records. The prototype is functional and is ready for integration into the project partners‘ infrastructure.

Video-presentation of the project:

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