Publication list

  • Patient-provider teamwork via cooperative note taking on Tele-Board MED.Perlich, Anja; Meinel, Christoph (2016).
  • Automatic Treatment Session Summaries in Psychotherapy – a Step towards Therapist-Patient Cooperation.Perlich, Anja; Meinel, Christoph (2015).
  • Tele-Board: A digital whiteboard platform for combined synchronous and asynchronous collaboration (Demo).Gericke, Lutz; Gumienny, Raja; Wenzel, Matthias; Meinel, Christoph (2013).
  • Supporting Creative Collaboration in Globally Distributed Companies.Gumienny, Raja; Gericke, Lutz; Wenzel, Matthias; Meinel, Christoph (2013). 995-1007.
  • Towards Cross-Platform Collaboration - Transferring Real-Time Groupware To The Browser.Wenzel, Matthias; Gericke, Lutz; Gumienny, Raja; Meinel, Christoph (2013).
  • A Document-Centric Method For Combined Synchronous And Asynchronous Applications.Gericke, Lutz; Meinel, Christoph (2013).
  • Understanding Asynchronous Design Work - Segmentation of Digital Whiteboard Sessions.Gericke, Lutz; Meinel, Christoph (2012). 700-705.
  • Analyzing Distributed Whiteboard Interactions.Gericke, Lutz; Gumienny, Raja; Meinel, Christoph (2012). (Vol. 21) 199-220.
  • Handwriting Recognition for a Digital Whiteboard Collaboration Platform.Gericke, Lutz; Wenzel, Matthias; Gumienny, Raja; Willems, Christian; Meinel, Christoph (2012). 226-233.
  • Transferring Traditional Design Work to the Digital World - Does it Work?Gumienny, Raja; Hampel, Stefan; Gericke, Lutz; Wenzel, Matthias; Meinel, Christoph (2012).
  • Evaluating an Instant Messaging Protocol for Digital Whiteboard Applications.Gericke, Lutz; Meinel, Christoph (2011). 3-9.
  • Analyzing Distributed Whiteboard Interactions.Gericke, Lutz; Gumienny, Raja; Meinel, Christoph (2011). 27-34.
  • User-centered Development of Social Collaboration Software.Gumienny, Raja; Gericke, Lutz; Dreseler, Markus; Meyer, Sebastian; Meinel, Christoph (2011). 451-457.
  • Exploring the Synthesis of Information in Design Processes - Opening the Black-Box.Gumienny, Raja; Lindberg, Tilmann; Meinel, Christoph (2011). (Culley, S.J., Hicks, B.J., McAloone, T.C., Howard, T.J. & Chen, W. ) 446-455.
  • Tele-Board: Enabling Efficient Collaboration In Digital Design Spaces.Gumienny, Raja; Gericke, Lutz; Quasthoff, Matthias; Willems, Christian; Meinel, Christoph (2011). 47-54.
  • Simulating Additional Area on Tele-Board's Large Shared Display.LoBue, Peter; Gumienny, Raja; Meinel, Christoph in Communications in Computer and Information Science (2011). (Vol. 173) 519-523.
  • Message Capturing as a Paradigm for Asynchronous Digital Whiteboard Interaction.Gericke, Lutz; Gumienny, Raja; Meinel, Christoph (2010). 1 - 10.
  • Verteiltes Design Thinking mit teleBoard.Gumienny, Raja; Böckmann, Oliver; Willems, Christian; Quasthoff, Matthias; Gericke, Lutz; Meinel, Christoph (2009).

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