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tele-TASK goes mobile

Tele-TASK is a tool for recording lectures and presentations. It does not only record the audio and video of the speaker but also everything happening on the presenter's computer. No matter if (s)he is showing a Powerpoint presentation, a software demo or even the BIOS configuration of the computer, tele-TASK is able to record, encode and stream the whole presentation out of the box. The result is one synchronized and platform independent multimedia file in the Adobe Flash format. Hundreds of tele-TASK lectures are already available online (http://www.tele-task.de) and can also free of charge downloaded via iTunes U.

Current development in e-learning technologies aims to make learning and teaching available everywhere and anytime. In the stream of this evolution, the Web-University Project at the chair of Internet-Technologies and -Systems explores and studies novel Internet- and IT-technologies with the ambition to enhance university teaching and research. The tele-TASK Podcast Project focuses on extending of the tele-TASK system to supply the learner not only with streaming media but also with additional iPod-ready lecture recordings and presentations in order to enable mobile learning .

The tele-TASK Podcast team has developed a sophisticated method providing the possibilty to create iPod-ready MPEG4 videos which contain a complete tele-TASK recording - the presenter's and the desktop video. With this method we are able to create podcast videos from tele-TASK lectures fully automatic.

The method works as follows:

  • we split the lecturer's and the desktop videos into smaller clips according the timemarks set in the TOC file
  • we merge corresponding lecturer and desktop clips into one MPEG4 file, showing both videos picture in picture
  • we create a trailer video with information about the clip. This information is also taken from the TOC file
  • we join the trailer and the picture-in-picture video

All our podcasts will be uploaded to the tele-TASK online archive and are available via your webbrowser or favourite RSS-Feed reader. As a example of the tele-TASK podcasts you can watch the videos about Internet-Technologies and Security.

Feel free to subscribe to our podcast feed and enjoy our tele-TASK podcasts.


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