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Research Directions

Over the years tele-TASK spellt out to be very successful project which helped us on one side to gain valuable experiences and a deeper understanding in e-learning and tele-teaching. On the other side it inspires our research work in various different directions: 

  • Easy production of lecture videos by the tele-task system 
    provides a great variety of multimedian learning material for our students and supports them in their daily work. Beside of that it made it possible to offer lectures also to other universities. See e.g. the Internet-Bridge project with the technical university of Beijing.   
  • Experiences in designing user centric e-learning/tele-teaching tools
    Over the years we redesigned the tele-TASK system several times. Meanwhile the recording system is licensed by Dell AG and by Zouple Cloud in China. 
  • Performing cutting edge research in Web3.0:
    Web3.0 - semantic, social, service web 
  • Semantic search and navigation inside of videos: 
    We successfully developed and experimented with different technologies to search inside of lecture videos. While meanwhile a good understanding was achived how to search inside of text documents it remains an actual research challenge to search inside of videos. See more.
  • We are able to offer more and more sophisticated navigation tools for exploring as video archive like the tele-TASK portal. So we can automatically sequence lecture videos and recapture the slides and other information from the video of the presenters desktop.

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