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Internet Security Teleteaching WS06/07


Internet Security
Technical University Beijing / ULI Course

(only for distance learning students)
Wintersemester 2006

Lecture - Abstract

The first part of the Internet Security course gives a detailed introduction into Internet Technology. It explains the function mode and architecture of Internets and Intranets and discusses important Internet protocols like IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, as well as Internet addressing and DNS. Moreover, the Internet Protocol Next Generation - IPv6 - will be introduced. Furthermore important Internet services like WWW, email, ftp, telnet and more will be introduced. Encryption standards like IPSec show possibilities for information security. The first lecutres provide the basic understanding for a discussion of security weaknesses of Internet and Intranets and possible targets for attacks over the Internet which will be treated in the second lecture part "Weaknesses and Targets".


Tutor of the course and the exercises:

  • Dirk Cordel

Date for live lectures: every Wednesday 8:30- 10:00 (first live lecture on october 18th)

Further important dates

Date for oral examination: will be announced later

Submission date for the exercise sheets: every Wednesday, 12:00 o´clock

Organisation of the lecture course (only relevant for ULI-Students):

The course starts october 18th and finishs february 7th. Students have to solve and submit their exercises weekly. 50 % of the maximum points (in 1st and 2nd half of semester) are needed to be able to do the oral examination at the end of the semester.


  • WWW (Christoph Meinel, Harald Sack) for repetition of the WWW basics


  • IT-Crackdown (Othmar Kyas, Markus A Campo)

Tele-Task website with the recorded lectures: