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Internet Security (WS2008/09)

Internet Security-Weaknesses & Targets
Winter 2008/09

Lecture - Abstract

"Internet Security - Weaknesses and Targets" is based on "Internet- & WWW-Technologies" and gives a detailed introduction on problems concerning Internet and Intranet security. After starting with some remarks on risk analysis and computer crimes, security weaknesses and targets are discussed in detail. Beside others the following topics are discussed in detail: human factor and technical failures, attacks on accounts and passwords, attacks on Internet protocol, misuse of design and programming errors, weaknesses in common operating systems, targets in the WWW, and viruses. The lecture course concludes with a discussion about the possibilities to detect attacks and intrusions and also describes ethical issuses.



  • Sebastian Roschke
  • Christian Willems

Lecture dates: Wednesday, 8:30 - 10:00, HS 2

Exercise course dates:

  • Group A: Monday, 15:15 - 16:45, A-1.1
  • Group B: Thursday, 13:30 - 15:00, A-1.1

Exercise sheets will be published every Monday in the in the HPI network folder of the lecture. Deadline for the submission of the solutions: Monday (one week after the publication) 12:00 o'clock (Foyer, Tray 51).

NEW!!! Online Exercise Registration:

There will be no lists at the blackboards for registering to a specific exercise group.
Registration is possible here (only from inside HPI) using your HPI OpenID.

Organisation of the lecture course:

Every week a 90 minutes lecture (in english) is streamed over the internet. Students have to solve and submit their exercises weekly. 50 % of the maximum points (in 1st and 2nd half of semester) are needed to be able to do the examination at the end of the semester. In the middle of the semester there will be a written intermediate exam which counts about 1/3. At the end of the course there is a second written exam (counts about 2/3). Students who want to improve their mark can also register for an oral examination. Outstanding exercise results and participation in discussion can lead to a better mark.


  • Meinel/Sack: WWW (for repetition of the WWW basics)


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