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Security Lab (WS2009/10)

Security Lab

Lecture Abstract

The Security Lab will cover practical exercises in the field of cryptography and crypto analysis. Each task covers a certain topic in this area. It is recommend to have knowledge in basics of cryptography.


  1. Attacking a permutation
  2. Attacking a Vigené cipher
  3. Analysis of EC-Card-PINs
  4. Attacking a factorization
  5. Analysis of a key management protocol
  6. Analysis of the FEAL algorithm
  7. Attacking the discrete logarithm


The tasks are introduced in the lecture and can be solved by student groups with up to 2 persons. Each task should be realized within 14 days.


  • Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier is standard literature and reference for many cryptographic algorithms


  • CrypTool (www.cryptool.de) offers descriptions, implementation, and visualization of related topics

Evaluation Process

  • The written results of the teams are evaluated

Course Dates

The Security Lab lecture will start one week after the semester is started. Lectures will be every two weeks.

  • Concrete dates will be announced soon

General Information

Themenkomplex: Freie Informatikvertiefungsthemen (Master), Softwaresystemtechnische Vertiefungsthemen (Master)

Vertiefungsgebiet: Software Engineering, Security and Safety Engineering