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Tele-Medicine and E-Health (WS2007/08)

IT in Tele-Medicine and E-health
Winter semester 2007/08


Seminar - Description

This seminar will provide an introduction and overview of the various aspects of tele-medicine and e-health, including technologies, applications and organization. The following topics will be discussed:

  • 08.11. Medical information systems
  • 15.11. Tele-medicine: introduction, main applications and benefits
  • 22.11. Healthcare interoperability
  • 29.11. The German healthcare initiative
  • 06.12. Process and workflow management in healthcare
  • 13.12. Web 2.0 and SOA in Healthcare
  • 10.01. Importance and implementation of policies in the healthcare sector
  • 17.01. Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the patients (security in healthcare)
  • 24.01. Mobile Healthcare


Tutors for the seminar:

  • Iva Glamocanin
  • Dirk Cordel


Seminar dates: every Thursday 9:15- 10:45, room A-1.2 (first presentation on November 8th)

Organisation of the seminar:

The seminar starts on October 18th. Every week a presentation (in English) will be given by the tutors, the students or a guest lecturer. The presentation will be followed by a discussion. During the semester the students have to:

  • prepare a preliminary outline for the presentation one week in advance,
  • make a presentation (in English),
  • prepare a written report (10-15 pages, in English or in German) two weeks later and
  • another two weeks later prepare a review (in English or in German) for the performed work (presentation and written report) for another participant.

For the review a special form will be given.

The evaluation will be based on several criteria:

  • Content
    • Background: Research for standards, implementations
    • Contribution: Structuring, ideas, findings, value of the work
  • Presentation of the topic
    • Presentation: Preparation, presentation style, focus on the
      key points
    • Written report: Clarity of the text, structure, readability
  • Participation
    • Discussion: Good preparation as a listener through the preliminary outline, helpful questions and contribution to the discussion
    • Review

Templates for the written report:

The students can choose form the following templates for their written report:

  • http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates
  • http://www.ieee.org/web/publications/authors/transjnl/index.html