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Auf dieser Seite befinden sich Anregungen für interessante Entwicklungen und Themen der Informatik, welche in einem Fortbildungsvortrag behandelt werden können.

On this site you can find a list of interesting developments and themes of the computer science. The themes could be the subject of a continuing education.

  • I think it would be nice if someone provides the information about latest progress of Cryptography or related topics (intrision dection etc.)
  • I would like to see somebody reviews the research history of crypto and points out its threads.
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration for Distributed System
  • Reflective Middleware Architecture
  • Distributed Multimedia Services
  • Analysis of new attack and anti-attack modes
  • Principles and solutions of new famous worms or computer viruses
  • Security of the Linux/Unix OS, including anti-virus or firewalls in the Linux/Unix OS
  • Analysis, classification and evaluation of the current popular firewalls
  • Possibility of the attack on the computer hardware
  • Standards in HTML, or how to be W3C compliant