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Free BDDs

Research Topic: Free BDDs

Development and evaluation of BDD-based data structures w.r.t. suitability for an efficient solution of the problems occuring in the field of logic synthesis and optimization. Heuristical methods for the work with free decision programs have been developed and a probablistic method for the equivalence test of Parity OBDDs has been evaluated.

Technical Reports:

  • Ch. Meinel, A. Slobodová:
    A Unifying Theoretical Background for Some BDD-based Data Structures
  • J. Bern, Ch. Meinel, A. Slobodová:
    Efficient OBDD-Based Boolean Manipulation in CAD Beyond Current Limits
  • Ch. Meinel, A. Slobodová:
    On the Complexity of Constructing Optimal OBDD's
  • J. Bern, Ch. Meinel, A. Slobodová:
    Some Heuristics for Generating Tree-like FBDD Types
  • J. Bern, J. Gergov, Ch. Meinel, A. Slobodová:
    Boolean Manipulation with Free BDD's - First Experimental Results
  • J. Gergov, Ch. Meinel:
    Efficient Boolean Manipulation with OBDD's can be Extended to FBDD's
  • A. Slobodová, Ch. Meinel:
    Efficient Manipulation of FBDDs by Means of a Modified OBDD-Package
  • J. Gergov, Ch. Meinel:
    Combinational Logic Verification with FBDDs
  • J. Gergov, Ch. Meinel:
    Analysis and Manipulation of Boolean Functions in Terms of Decision Graphs



  • Dipl. math Jochen Bern
  • Dipl. Inform Jordan Gergov
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
  • Dr. Anna Slobodova