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Portrait Sebastian Serth
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Sebastian Serth

Research Associate and Ph.D. Student

Hasso-Plattner-Institute für Digital Engineering gGmbH
Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Str. 2-3
14482 Potsdam

office:           L-2.04
phone:          +49 (0)331-5509-4816
fax:               +49 (0)331-5509-325
e-mail:          Sebastian.Serth(at)hpi.de
LinkedIn:      https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastianserth/
Homepage:  https://serth.de




Research Interests

  • Programming Education in Massive Open Online Courses
  • Automated Evaluation of Programming Submissions in University Courses
  • High-school Computer Science Education



Online Profiles


Publication List


  • Exploring the Effectivene... - Download
    Elhayany, M., Serth, S., Meinel, C.: Exploring the Effectiveness of Web-Based Programming Environments for MOOCs: A Comparative Study of CodeOcean and OpenJupyter In: 2023 IEEE Learning with MOOCS (LWMOOCS). pp. 1–6. IEEE, Cambridge, MA, USA (2023)
  • Design Principals for Bui... - Download
    Serth, S., von Schmieden, K., Elhayany, M., Sofyan, Z., Meinel, C.: Design Principals for Building a Collaborative Exchange Platform for Auto-gradable Programming Exercises e-learning and education (eleed) 15, (2023)
  • On the Feasibility of Ser... - Download
    Serth, S., Paß, M., Meinel, C.: On the Feasibility of Serverless Functions in the Context of Auto-Graders In: 2023 IEEE 2nd German Education Conference (GECon). pp. 1–6. IEEE, Berlin, Germany (2023)
  • On Air: Benefits of weekl... - Download
    Köhler, D., Serth, S., Meinel, C.: On Air: Benefits of weekly Podcasts accompanying Online Courses In: Proceedings of the Tenth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale. pp. 311–315. ACM, Copenhagen, Denmark (2023)
  • A Metastandard for the In... - Download
    Staubitz, T., Serth, S., Thomas, M., Ebner, M., Koschutnig-Ebner, M., Rampelt, F., von Stetten, A., Wittke, A.: A Metastandard for the International Exchange of MOOCs: The MOOChub as First Prototype In: Proceedings of the 8th European MOOC Stakeholder Summit (EMOOCs 2023). pp. 147–161. Universitätsverlag Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany (2023)
  • Scale Up Multilingualism ... - Download
    Utunen, H., Staubitz, T., George, R., Zhao, Y. (Ursula), Serth, S., Tokar, A.: Scale Up Multilingualism in Health Emergency Learning: Developing an Automated Transcription and Translation Tool In: Hägglund, M., Blusi, M., Bonacina, S., Nilsson, L., Madsen, I.C., Pelayo, S., Moen, A., Benis, A., Lindsköld, L., and Gallos, P. (eds.) Caring is Sharing – Exploiting the Value in Data for Health and Innovation. pp. 408–412. IOS Press, Gothenburg, Sweden (2023)
  • Metastandard für den int... - Download
    Ebner, M., Koschutnig-Ebner, M., Rampelt, F., Serth, S., Staubitz, T., von Stetten, A., Thomas, M., Wittke, A.: Metastandard für den internationalen Austausch von MOOCs – der MOOChub als erster Prototyp Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung 18, 17–35 (2023)
  • Editorial: Massive Open O... - Download
    Ebner, M., Staubitz, T., Koschutnig-Ebner, M., Serth, S.: Editorial: Massive Open Online Courses und ihre Rolle in der digitalen (Hochschul-) Lehre Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung 18, 9–15 (2023)
  • Massive Open Online Cours... - Download
    Ebner, M., Staubitz, T., Koschutnig-Ebner, M., Serth, S. eds.: Massive Open Online Courses und ihre Rolle in der digitalen (Hochschul-) Lehre Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz & Verein Forum neue Medien in der Lehre Austria, Graz, Austria (2023)
  • The Mysterious Adventures... - Download
    Hagedorn, C., Serth, S., Meinel, C.: The Mysterious Adventures of Detective Duke: How Storified Programming MOOCs Support Learners in Achieving Their Learning Goals Frontiers in Education 7, 1016401 (2023)


  • Measuring the Effects of ... - Download
    Serth, S., Staubitz, T., van Elten, M., Meinel, C.: Measuring the Effects of Course Modularizations in Online Courses for Life-Long Learners Frontiers in Education 7, 1008545 (2022)
  • Integrating Podcasts into... - Download
    Koehler, D., Serth, S., Steinbeck, H., Meinel, C.: Integrating Podcasts into MOOCs: Comparing Effects of Audio- and Video-Based Education for Secondary Content In: Hilliger, I., Muñoz-Merino, P.J., Laet, T.D., Ortega-Arranz, A., and Farrell, T. (eds.) Educating for a New Future: Making Sense of Technology-Enhanced Learning Adoption (EC-TEL 2022). pp. 131–144. Springer, Toulouse, France (2022)
  • Breaking the Ice? How to ... - Download
    Hagedorn, C., Serth, S., Meinel, C.: Breaking the Ice? How to Foster the Sense of Community in MOOCs In: 2022 International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT). pp. 22–26. IEEE, Bucharest, Romania (2022)
  • Analysis of the Applicabi... - Download
    Staubitz, T., Bothe, M., Elhayany, M., Hagedorn, C., Serth, S., Zobel, T., Meinel, C.: Analysis of the Applicability of General Scaling Laws on Course Size, Completion Rates, and Forum Activity in MOOCs In: Proceedings of the Ninth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale. pp. 294–298. ACM, New York, USA (2022)


  • Consuming Security: Evalu... - Download
    Koehler, D., Serth, S., Meinel, C.: Consuming Security: Evaluating Podcasts to Promote Online Learning Integrated with Everyday Life In: 2021 World Engineering Education Forum/Global Engineering Deans Council (WEEF/GEDC). pp. 476–481. IEEE, Madrid, Spain (2021)
  • Improving the Scalability... - Download
    Serth, S., Köhler, D., Marschke, L., Auringer, F., Hanff, K., Hellenberg, J.-E., Kantusch, T., Paß, M., Meinel, C.: Improving the Scalability and Security of Execution Environments for Auto-Graders in the Context of MOOCs In: Greubel, A., Strickroth, S., and Striewe, M. (eds.) Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop "Automatische Bewertung von Programmieraufgaben" (ABP 2021). pp. 3–10. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Virtual Event, Germany (2021)
  • Impact of Contextual Tips... - Download
    Serth, S., Teusner, R., Meinel, C.: Impact of Contextual Tips for Auto-Gradable Programming Exercises in MOOCs In: Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale. pp. 307–310. ACM, Virtual Event, Germany (2021)
  • TransPipe - A Pipeline fo... - Download
    Bethge, J., Serth, S., Staubitz, T., Wuttke, T., Nordemann, O., Das, P.-P., Meinel, C.: TransPipe - A Pipeline for Automated Transcription and Translation of Videos In: Proceedings of the 7th European MOOC Stakeholder Summit (EMOOCs 2021). pp. 79–94. Universitätsverlag Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany (2021)
  • CodeOcean and CodeHarbor:... - Download
    Serth, S., Staubitz, T., Teusner, R., Meinel, C.: CodeOcean and CodeHarbor: Auto-Grader and Code Repository In: Shaffer, C., Brusilovsky, P., Koedinger, K., and Edwards, S. (eds.) SPLICE 2021 Workshop CS Education Infrastructure for All III: From Ideas to Practice. p. 5. 52nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, Virtual Event (2021)


  • Digitale Arbeitsblätter ... - Download
    Serth, S., Teusner, R., Meinel, C.: Digitale Arbeitsblätter mit interaktiven Programmieraufgaben im Informatik-Unterricht In: Zender, R., Ifenthaler, D., Leonhardt, T., and Schumacher, C. (eds.) Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) - Proceedings: DELFI 2020 – Die 18. Fachtagung Bildungstechnologien der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. pp. 235–246. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Bonn, Germany (2020)


  • Evaluating Digital Worksh... - Download
    Serth, S., Teusner, R., Renz, J., Uflacker, M.: Evaluating Digital Worksheets with Interactive Programming Exercises for K-12 Education In: Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE). IEEE (2019)
  • Integrating Professional ... - Download
    Serth, S.: Integrating Professional Tools in Programming Education with MOOCs In: Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE). IEEE (2019)
  • Individual Worksheets wit... - Download
    Serth, S.: Individual Worksheets with Interactive Programming Exercises within the HPI Schul-Cloud In: Master’s Thesis. Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam (2019)
    Best Master Theses in Technology-enhanced Learning 2019 (awarded by the educational technology special interest group of the German informatics society)


  • VAMO – What Story Do Yo... - Download
    Cabral, F., Shah, S., Zhou, Z., Serth, S., Krogmann, S., Lötzsch, W.: VAMO – What Story Do You Want to Tell? Stanford University (2018)


  • An Interactive Platform t... - Download
    Serth, S., Podlesny, N., Bornstein, M., Lindemann, J., Latt, J., Selke, J., Schlosser, R., Boissier, M., Uflacker, M.: An Interactive Platform to Simulate Dynamic Pricing Competition on Online Marketplaces In: 21st IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference, EDOC 2017, Quebec City, QC, Canada, October 10-13, 2017. pp. 61–66. IEEE (2017)
  • Data-Driven Repricing Str... - Download
    Boissier, M., Schlosser, R., Podlesny, N., Serth, S., Bornstein, M., Latt, J., Lindemann, J., Selke, J., Uflacker, M.: Data-Driven Repricing Strategies in Competitive Markets: An Interactive Simulation Platform In: Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys ’17). pp. 355–357. ACM, New York, NY, USA (2017)
  • Serving Live Multimedia f... - Download
    Serth, S., Haarmann, S., Faber, L.: Serving Live Multimedia for the Linked Open Data Cloud In: Eibl, M. and Gaedke, M. (eds.) GI-Edition-Lecture Notes in Informatics 275: Informatik 2017, 47. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI). pp. 2487–2498. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Bonn, Germany (2017)
  • Demo: Enabling En-Route F... - Download
    Seitz, K., Serth, S., Krentz, K.-F., Meinel, C.: Demo: Enabling En-Route Filtering for End-to-End Encrypted CoAP Messages In: Proceedings of the 15th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2017). ACM Press, New York, NY, USA (2017)

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Massive Open Online Courses




Advice and Technical Support for other Courses

Supervised Theses

Master Theses

  • Remote Pair Programming: Collaboratively Solving Exercises in MOOCs, Summer Term 2023
  • Designing and Evaluating Flexible Learning Paths in MOOCs, Summer Term 2023
  • Supporting Teachers with the Creation of Auto-gradable Programming Exercises, Summer Term 2022

Bachelor Theses

  • An Accessible Virtual Private Network Infrastructure for Interacting with Online Code Execution Environments, Summer Term 2021
  • Peak Load Management in Container Environments on the Example of CodeOcean, Summer Term 2021
  • Remote Debugging within a Web-based Execution Environment, Summer Term 2021
  • Orchestrating Network Scenarios for Interactive Learning Platforms, Summer Term 2021
  • Security Concepts in Programming Languages, Summer Term 2021


Teaching Activities

Summer Term 2021

Winter Term 2020 / 2021

Summer Term 2020

Winter Term 2019 / 2020


Presentations, Workshops and Talks



  • "Online Programmieren – Boom bei openHPI Schülerkursen", openHPI Forum 2021, 24th November 2021
  • "From MOOCs to Virtual Classrooms – Lessons Learned during COVID-19 for University Courses", openHPI Forum 2020, 14th - 28th October 2020