The amount of multimedia content on the World Wide Web is growing rapidly. Efficiently managing and organizing it requires new technologies. One example of such a technology is the semantic multimedia search. We use an automated processes for semantically analyzing audiovisual content and demonstrate how it is possible to access the ever-growing mass of information more efficiently.

Here you can find a screencast demonstrating a more tangible access on huge video archives as well as some background information about the utilized technologies. Relevant publications provided by our research team are given at the end of this page.


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The Semantic Media Explorer combines the latest media analysis processes, such as automatic scene segmentation, intelligent character recognition, and the ability to recognize genres and faces in videos. As a result, it provides optimal access to video content. This new kind of multimedia search offers users enhanced support with semantically enhanced metadata and intuitive user interfaces. The information extracted via the media analysis is correlated using semantic information so that users can identify new links and “rummage around” in the multimedia content. In developing the Semantic Media Explorer, the HPI researchers are using highly efficient processes to process the huge volumes of data in the Future SOC Lab’s new high-performance computers.


Publications & Presentations

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