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Internet Security - Beijing (SS2013)

Tele-Teaching Lecture for Beijing University of Technology
Summer Semester 2013


"Internet Security - Weaknesses and Targets" gives a detailed introduction on problems concerning Internet and Intranet security. After starting with some remarks on risk analysis and computer crimes, security weaknesses and targets are discussed in detail. Besides, more introductions are provided on: human factor and technical failures, attacks on accounts and passwords, attacks on Internet protocol, misuse of design and programming errors, weaknesses in common operating systems, targets in the WWW, and viruses. The lecture concludes with the discussion on possibilities to detect attacks and intrusions and ethical issuses are introduced as well.


Thare are altogether about 32 hours lectures and 8 exercise sheets for this course. Every week onMonday, two lectures (each with about 1.5 hours) are streamed over the internet and an exercise sheet will be released. At the beginning of next semester (September, 2013) there is an oral exam and HPI certificates will be granted to students who pass the exam.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel (HPI & BJUT-Honorary Professor)


Date: Monday, 18:00 - 22:00 (Beijing Time)

PlaceOnline Lectures (update on every Monday):

Plan (last update: 08.04.2013):

Onsite Q&A and Oral Examination

The second week in September 2013



This lecture is a part of the cooperative project "Internet Bridge" between the "Hasso-Plattner-Institute for IT-Systems Engineering (HPI) of University of Potsdam and College of Computer Science and Technology of the Beijing University of Technology, starting from the winter semester 2002. Now it is the 11th time transmission. Hundreds of master students at CS-School of BJUT have successfully participated in our lecture.

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