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Older Research Seminars

This is the archive for the older semesters of the research seminar of the chair of Prof. Meinel. The actual information can be found here.

Summer Semester 2014

Winter Semester 2013/2014

Summer Semester 2013

Winter Semester 2012/2013

Summer Semester 2012

Winter Semester 2011/2012

  • 07.02.2012
    Peter Ernicke
    Collecting & Processing of Logs for IDS Correlation (tele-TASK)
  • 24.01.2012
    Eyad Saleh
    Introductory Presentation (tele-TASK)
    Hosnieh Rafiee
    "Multicore-Based Auto-Scaling SEcure Neighbor Discovery for Windows Operating Systems" (tele-TASK)
  • 10.01.2012
    Ahmad Al-Sadeh
    "Stopping Time Condition for Practical IPv6 Cryptographically Generated Addresses" (tele-TASK)
  • 13.12.2011
    Matthieu-Patrick Schapranow
    "History-based Access Controls" as one aspect of his PhD thesis "Real-time Security Extensions for RFID-aided Supply Chains" (tele-TASK)
    Ivonne Thomas
    A logic-based Framework to enable Attribute Assurance for Digital Identities in Service-oriented Architectures and the Web (tele-TASK)
  • 06.12.2011
    Ibrahim Takouna
    Multicore Processor Power Models for Power-Aware Resource Management (tele-TASK)
  • 29.11.2011
    Ahmad Al-Sadeh

    Compact and More Secure IPv6 Cryptographically Generated Addresses (CGA) (tele-TASK)
    Ibrahim Takouna

    Dynamic Configuration of Virtual Machines for Power-proportional Resource Provisioning (tele-TASK)
  • 22.11.2011
    Haojin Yang
    Automated Lecture Video Analysis and Indexing Using Video OCR Technology (tele-TASK)
    Christian Hentschel
    Introductory Presentation
  • 08.11.2011
    Hosnieh Rafiee
    WinSEND: Windows SEcure Neighbor Discovery (tele-TASK
  • 01.11.2011
    Ángel Jesús Varela Vaca

    Introductory Presentation
  • 11.10.2011
    Johannes Osterhoff
    Sneak Preview? Instantly Know What To Expect In Faceted Video Searching (tele-TASK)
    Raja Gumienny
    User-centered development of social collaboration software (tele-TASK)
    Seraj Fayyad
    Introductional Presentation 
  • 04.10.2011
    Robert Mileski, Egidijus Gircys

    Securing VMs images in the cloud
    David Jäger, Konrad-Felix Krentz, and Matthias Richly
    Hypervisor Security DMA Attack on Xen

Summer Semester 2011

  • 30.08.2011
    Magnus Knuth

    Generating Data from Semantic Quiz Games
    Dr. Yong Zhang
    Introductory presentation
  • 19.07.2011
    Ahmad Al-Sadeh
    CGA and SEND for Securing IPv6 Local Networks
    Masterprojekt: Blog-Intelligenz
  • 12.07.2011
    Ibrahim Takouma
    Efficient Virtual Machine Scheduling-policy for Virtualized Heterogeneous Multicore Systems
    Wesam Dawoud
    Elastic VM for Cloud Resources Provisioning Optimization
  • 28.06.2011
    Matthias Wenzel
    Handschrifterkennung und Analyse digitaler Whiteboard-Inhalte
    Holger Rhinow
  • 21.06.2011
    Robert Warschofsky
    Automated Security Service Orchestration for the Identity Management in Web Service based Systems
    Rehab Alnemr
    From Reputation Models and Systems to Reputation Ontologies
  • 14.06.2011
    Jörg Waitelonis
    Fact Ranking of Linked Data Resources and its Evaluation
  • 07.06.2011
    Ivonne Thomas
    Attribute assurance framework to define and match trust in identity attributes
  • 31.05.2011
    Sebastian Roschke
    New Correlation Algorithm based on Attack Graph
    Current status report
  • 24.05.2011
    Stefan Reichel
    Final master's thesis presentation
    Raja Gumnienny
    Tele-Board: Enabling Efficient Collaboration In Digital Design Spaces
  • 10.05.2011
    Haojin Yang
    German Speech Recognition for Lecture Recording: Preliminary Study
    Maria Siebert
    Improving Search in Tele-Lecturing: Using Folksonomies as Trigger to Query Semantic Datasets to Extract Additional Metadata
  • 03.06.2011
    Feng Cheng
    An Integrated Network Scanning Tool for Attack Graph Construction
    Current status report
  • 26.04.2011
    Dr. Naouel Karam
    Semantic matchmaking in an e-commerce application
  • 19.04.2011
    Manuel Blechschmidt
    Current master's thesis presentation
  • 12.04.2011
    Prof. Andreas Hotho
    From Web 2.0 to the Ubiquitous Web
    Tácio Santos

  • 05.04.2011
    Tácio Santos

Winter Semester 10/11

  • 29.03.2011
    Matthias Bauer
    Tacio Santos
  • 22.03.2011
    Vorstellung Cebit Projekte
  • 15.03.2011
    Jens Schwanke
    Sebastian Roschke
    Bypassing Application Layer Gateways Using Mutli-Staged Encrypted Shellcodes
  • 22.02.2011
    interne Besprechung
  • 15.02.2011
    Robert Gust-Bardon
  • 08.02.2011
    Johannes Osterhoff
    More than the Sum of its Parts: CONTENTUS – A Semantic Multimodal Search User Interface
  • 01.02.2011
    Hosnieh Rafiee
  • 18.01.2011
    Bachelor-Project M1
    Introduction of the project and presentation of the actual results
  • 11.01.2011
    Dr. Sören Auer

    Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web
    Justus Bross
    Exploring the Blogosphere with „Blog-Intelligence“
  • 04.01.2011
    Ahmad Al-Sadeh
    IPv4/IPv6 Handoff Inside the Lock-Keeper for High Flexibility and Security
    Lina Wolf
  • 14.12.2010
    Maria Siebert
    Distributed Recognition of Content Similarity in a Tele-Teaching Portal
  • 30.11.2010
    Kinga Schumacher (DFKI)
  • 23.11.2010
    Nadine Ludwig
    "Use What You Have: Yovisto Video Search Engine Takes a Semantic Turn"
    Maxim Schnjakin
    A Security and High-Availability Layer for Cloud Storage
    Christine Noweski
    Design thinking as a meta-disciplinary approach in management
  • 16.11.2010
    Christine Noweski
    "HOW to become a good design thinker
    WHY it is necessary
    WHAT you should do
    An interactive session that shall be fun for everybody."
    Bachelor-Project M2
    "Introduction of the project and presentation of the actual results"
  • 02.11.2010
    Maria Siebert, Franka Moritz
    "Informations about the SEO Seminar"
  • 19.10.2010
    Michael Menzel
    "Model-driven Generation of Security Policies for Service-based Systems"
    Ibrahim Takouna
  • 05.10.2010
    Harald Sack
    "Mediaglobe & Contentus from 10.000 feet above"

Summer Semester 10

  • 28.09.2010
    Raphael Zender
    "Service-basierte Infrastruktur für pervasive Lehr- und Lernarrangements"
  • 14.09.2010
    Raja Gumienny
  • 07.09.2010
    Magnus Knuth
    Piotr Szymanski
    "Presentation of the results of his research at HPI"
  • 28.07.2010
    Justice Emuoyibofarhe
    "Overview about his work"
  • 13.07.2010
    Shaonan Wang
    "Ranking Netflow Records"
  • 06.07.2010
    Franka Moritz, Maria Siebert
    "Eye-Tracking as Technical Support for Usability-Evaluation"
  • 29.06.2010
    Johannes Osterhoff
  • 22.06.2010
    Ahmad Al-Sadeh
    "IPv6 and its security"
    Nadine Ludwig
  • 08.06.2010
    "Analytic combinatorics - basic introduction using a simple practical example"
  • 01.06.2010
    Bachelor Project M1
    "Actual Status"
    Lutz Gericke

    "Presentation of Master Thesis"
  • 25.05.2010
    Bachelor Project M2
    "Final Presentation"
    Tillmann Lindberg

    Design Thinking in IT industry
  • 18.05.2010
    Martin von Löwis

  • 11.05.2010
    Haojin Yang

    Maria Siebert
    "Plug-in architecture of tele-TASK portal "
  • 04.05.2010
    Bernhard Quehl

  • 27.04.2010
    Bachelor Project M2

    "Report of South Africa"

Winter Semester 09/10

  • 30.03.2010
    Eva Koeppen
    Birgit Jobst
  • 23.03.2010
    Sebastian Roschke
    "Securing Communication with Identity based encryption"
  • 17.03.2010
    Bachelor Project M1(SOA Security Expeimentation Platform)
    "Project Conception and Progress Report"
    Piotr Szymanski
  • 15.03.2010
    Bachelor Project M2
    "Discussion on current results and outview to south africa trip"
    Saurabh Arora
  • 16.02.2010
    Martin Wolf
    "Fontane project"
    Greg Kress from DTRP Team Teamology (Stanford)
    "experience with creative teamwork (mainly ME 310)"
  • 09.02.2010
    Johannes Hercher
    Zolan Kramer
  • 19.01.2010
    Matthias Quasthoff
    "Improving the Development of Semantic Web Applications"
  • 15.12.2009
    Christmas Party
  • 03.12.2009
    Bachelor project 2009 M2
    "Concept of Project: Health care Education for Africa"
  • 01.12.2009
    Björn Schünemann
    "Improving V2X Simulation Performance with Optimistic Synchronization"
  • 24.11.2009
    Ivonne Thomas
    "Current status of the Identity Provider"
  • 10.11.2009
    Internal discussion
  • 03.11.2009
    Robert Warschofsky
    "Overview Master's Thesis Progess - Aggregation and Verification of Web Service Security Requirements"
  • 27.10.2009
    Jörg Waitelonis
    "Yovisto & furtehr plans"
    Raja Gumienny
    "D-Tools 2.0 - rehearsal presentation for Stanford Workshop"
  • 20.10.2009
    Justus Bross
    "Visualization of Blog content "
    Ingo Rauth
  • 06.10.2009
    Sebastian Roschke & Christian Willems
    "IT Security lab: Applications and research "
    Wesam Dawoud
    "Cloud Computing Security"
  • 22.09.2009
    Franka Moritz
    Maria Siebert

Summer Semester 09

  • 28.07.2009
     Yan Li
    "Modellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung für Supply Chain Management Anwendungen"
  • 21.07.2009
     Bachelor Project 1: "Der Schleusenwäter macht Dienst"
     Bachelor Project 2: "Qualitätssicherung in der Onkologie"
     Bachelor Project 3: "Goldeneye"
  • 14.07.2009
     Omar Alfandi and Pariser Moshrefi
    "Cooperation with the Telematics Group, Göttingen University"
  • 07.07.2009
     Lichun Wang
    "Beijing Key Laboratory of Multimedia and Intelligent Software Technology"
     Ahmad AI-Sadeh
    "Background and Master thesis work (Shortest Remaining Response Time Scheduling for Improved Web Server Performance)"
  • 23.06.2009
     Benjamin Schüler
    "An Identity Selector for Claim-Based Service Compositions"
     Rehab Alnemr
    "Google Experience"
  • 16.06.2009
     Ivonne Thomas and Michael Menzel
    "SOA Security and the World of Digital Identities"
  • 09.06.2009
     David Rieck
    "Specialized Simulators in a Distributed Vehicle-2-X Simulation Environment"
     Nico Naumann
    "Optimistic Synchronization in a Distributed V2X Simulation Infrastructure"
  • 26.05.2009
     Christine Noweski
     Tilmann Lindberg and Ralf Wagner
    "Collaborative Creativity in the Development Processes of the IT Industry"
  • 19.05.2009
     Raja Gumienny and Oliver Boeckmann
    "D-Tools 2.0"
  • 12.05.2009
     Long Wang
    "Global or Local? Finding High Quality Articles in Social Site"
  • 05.05.2009
     Uwe Kyler
    "Enhancing Federated Identity Management by Enabling Inter-Federation Protocols"
     Feng Cheng, Thanh-Dien Tran
    "Performance Measurement and Simulation of Lock-Keeper Data Transfer"
  • 28.04.2009
     Martin Wolf
    "Interoperability in Identity Federation Environments"
    Sebastian Roschke and Maxim Schnjakin
    "Project Overview: Infrastrukturanalyse der Polizei des Landes Brandenburg"
  • 21.04.2009
    Benjamin Eckart, Regina Hebig, David Jäger, Konrad-Felix Krentz, Nico Peters, Ole Rienow, Willi Tscheschner, Robert Warschofsky, Robert Wierschke
    "Managing Digital Identities"

Winter Semester 08/09

  • 31.03.2009
    Lutz Gericke, Matthias Kleine, Philipp Maschke, Stefan Reichel and Gerald Töpper
    "eWorld - Simulationstool für intelligente Transportsysteme"
  • 17.03.2009
    Matthias Quasthoff, Christian Willems
    "CoCaTo - a Conference Collector"
  • 24.02.2009
     Robert Schuppenies
    "Automatic Extraction of Vulnerability Information for Attack Graphs"
    Benjamin Schüler
    "Security Requirements in SOA"
  • 17.02.2009
    Justus Bross
  • 20.01.2009
     Design Team
    "Introduction and Discussion on Design Projects"
  • 13.01.2009
     Design Team
    "Introduction and Discussion on Design Projects"
  • 06.01.2009
     Design Team
    "Introduction and Discussion on Design Projects"
  • 16.12.2008
     Benjamin Schüler
    "Security Requirements in SOA - Security Tokens and Web Service Compositions"
    Design Team
    "Introduction on Personal Backgroud"
  • 02.12.2008
     Ayman Wazwaz
    "Introductory presentation"
    Bjoern Schunemann
    "Realistic Simulation of V2X Communication Scenarios"
  • 25.11.2008
     Wesam Dawoud
    "Introductory presentation"
    Sebastian Roschke
    "A VM-Compatible IDS Management System for IDS-Deployment in Lock-Keeper"
  • 18.11.2008
     Maxim Schnjakin
    "Modellgetriebene Konfiguration von Sicherheitsmodulen in Service-orientierten Architekturen"
    Thanh-Dien Tran
    "Backgroud Introduction"
  • 11.11.2008
     Nico Naumann and etc.
    "eWorld II - simulation support reinvented"
  • 04.11.2008
     Michael G. Noll
    "The Metadata Triumvirate: Social Annotations, Anchor Texts and Search Queries"
  • 28.10.2008
     Stefan George, Michael Goderbauer
    "Redesign of ECCC"
  • 21.10.2008
     Christian Wolter
    "Verification of Security Properties in Business Processes"
  • 30.09.2008
     Ulrich Stärk

Summer Semester 08

  • 05.08.2008
     Robert Warschofsky, Robert Wierschke, Regina Hebig, Frank Feinbube, Benjamin Eckart, Michael Menzel and Ivonne Thomas
    "SOA Security Lab - A platform for creating and analysing web services"
  • 23.07.2008
     Martin Wolf
    "Interoperability in Identity Federation Environments"
  • 01.07.2008
     Michael Menzel
    "Design Patterns for Secure Service Compositions"
  • 24.06.2008
     Bastian Schöpp
    "SOA Security - Access Control Models and Frameworks"
     Uwe Kylau
    "Trust Patterns in Identity Federation Topologies"
  • 17.06.2008
    Andreas Groß
  • 10.06.2008
     Oleksandr Mylyy
    "Security Framework for Correct and Secure Positioning in V2X Communication Networks"
     Tobias Queck
    "Runtime Infrastructure for Simulating Vehicle-2-X Communication Scenarios"
  • 27.05.2008
     Matthias Quasthoff
    "Who Reads and Writes the Social Web? A Security Architecture for Web 2.0 Applications"
  • 20.05.2008
     Stefan Reichel; Sebastian Klose; Franz Goerke; Martin Lorenz; David Foerster
    "E-Health Portal for Tumor Conferences"
  • 13.05.2008
     Robert Schuppenies
    "Constructing Attacks Graphs Based on Attack Patterns"
     Sebastian Roschke
    "Using Lock-Keeper to Integrate IDS Management and F-Secure Content Scanning"
  • 06.05.2008
     Long Wang
    "X-tracking the Changes of Web Navigations"
  • 29.04.2008
     Maxim Schnjakin
    "Modellgetriebene Generierung der Web Service Security Policies"
     Uwe Kylau
    "A Federated Identity Architecture for the SOA"
  • 22.04.2008
     Bert Baumann
    "Introduction: My Past and Future"
  • 01.04.2008
     Bernd Schaüfele, Christian Holz, Martin Holz, Martin Wolf, Sebastian Enderlein
    "eWorld - Simulation Tool for Intelligent Transport Systems"

Winter Semester 07/08

  • 29.01.2008
     Stefan Reichel; Sebastian Klose; Franz Goerke; Martin Lorenz; David Foerster
    "E-Health Portal for Tumor Conferences of the Charité (OP 2000)"
  • 08.01.2008
     Sebastian Roschke
    "Lock-Keeper Messaging Framework and it's Application in the Bachelor Project BP2007-B2"
  • 14.12.2007 (A-2.1)
     Stefan Reichel; Sebastian Klose; Sebastian Enderlein; Martin Wolf; Franz Goerke; Martin Lorenz; David Foerster
    "E-Health Portal for Tumor Conferences of the Charité (OP 2000)"
  • 11.12.2007
     Oleksandr Mylyy
    "Security Framework for Secure Positioning and Accurate Navigation in VANETs"
     Tobias Queck
    "Integrated Software Simulation Environment for V2X Applications"
  • 04.12.2007
     Ge Zhang
    "PART I : Denial of Serivce attack towards SIP infrastructures using DNS flooding"
    "PART II: A Secure Mobile Payment Scheme based on SIP"
  • 20.11.2007
     Michael G. Noll
    "Personalization 2.0: Web Search Personlization via Social Bookmarking and Tagging"
  • 06.11.2007
     Sebastian Roschke; Maik Taubert; Jan-Arne Sobania
    "Automatic Verification Of SOAP Security Protocols Part II"
  • 30.10.2007
     Yujian Lin
    "Introduction: My Past and Future"
     Sebastian Roschke; Maik Taubert; Jan-Arne Sobania
    "Automatic Verification Of SOAP Security Protocols Part I"
  • 23.10.2007
     Christian Willems
    "IT-Trend study for SES Astra - project, approach and results"

Summer Semester 07

  • 24.07.2007
     Christian Wolter
    "Agile Modeling of Task-Based Access Control - Augmenting Process Models"
  • 17.07.2007
     Katrin Wolf and Andreas Groß
    "Tele-TASK Online Archive Concept and Design of the Database"
  • 10.07.2007
     Iva Glamocanin
  • 25.06.2007
     Tele-TASK Bachelor Group
    "LectureBrowser - Bachelor Project"
  • 19.06.2007
     Bjoern Schuenemann
    "Vehicular Networks in Reality and Simulation"
  • 12.06.2007
     Ivonne Thomas
    "Federated Authentication for Web Services"
  • 05.06.2007
     Wei Zhou
    "Function-Based Authorization Constraints Specification and Enforcement"
     Andreas Groß
    "Introduction and Previous Work"
  • 29.05.2007
     Matthias Quasthoff
    "Why HTTPS is not enough: XHTML and XML Signature"
  • 22.05.2007
     Bastian Schöpp
    "SOA Security - Access Control Models and Frameworks"
     Rehab AINemr
    "Introduction and Previous Work in GSM Security"
  • 08.05.2007
     Long Wang
    "Mining the Changes of Web Usage Patterns"
     Lock-Keeper Bachelor Group
    "Presentation of Lock-Keeper Bachelor Project"
  • 24.04.2007
     Tele-TASK Bachelor Group
    "Presentation of Tele-TASK Bachelor Project"

Winter semester 06/07

  • 03.04.2007
     Serge Linckels
    "The Lecture Butler's e-Librarian Service"
  • 06.03.2007
     Project Team "BP2006-M2"
    "Implementing Heterogeneous Database Replication through a Web Services-based Messaging Framework in Lock-Keeper"
  • 27.02.2007
     Chunyan Jiang
    "Multi-Visualization and Hybrid Segmentation Approaches within Telemedicine Framework"
     Michael G. Noll
    "Safer Internet: Web (Filtering) 2.0"
  • 20.02.2007
     Matthias Quasthoff
    "Identity Management in Telemedicine - The German Health Insurance Card"
  • 13.02.2007
     Feng Cheng
    "Database Replication Technology and its Lock-Keeper-based Implementation"
  • 06.02.2007
     Steffen Büffel (Uni Trier)
    "Netzwerkkommunikation im Internet - Weblogs als Diskursuniversum"
  • 30.01.2007
    Iva Glamocanin
    "Scale-free application layer for mobile ad hoc networks"
    Wei Zhou
    "Root Policy Management and Enforcement"
  • 05.12.2006 (Tu. 15:30)
    "Web University"
  • 28.11.2006 (Tu. 15:30)
     Lars Schneider
     Xiaobin Wei
    "Work Experiences in Software Development"
  • 14.11.2006 (Tu. 15:30)
     Dr. Harald Sack
    "Semantic Annotaion in Use"
  • 08.11.2006 (Wed. 15:00)
     Christian Willems
    "An Improved and Extended Architecture for Tele-Lab Server"
  • 24.10.2006
    Markus Franz
    "Meta-Suchmaschine Metager2"
  • 17.10.2006 (Tu. 16:00)
    Matthias Quasthoff
    "Starfree Presentations of Automatic Structures"
  • 06.10.2006 (Fr. 10:00)
    Naouel Karam
    "Semantic Composition of Course Subparts for a Personalized e-Learning"
  • 28.09.2006 (Th. 14:00)
    Michael Menzel
    "Securing Web Services using Lock-Keeper"

Summer semester 06

  • 25.07.2006
    "Video-Conference for Charité"
  • 18.07.2006
    Christian Liesegang
    "ORKA - Organisatorische Kontrollarchitektur"
  • 11.07.2006
    Christian Willems
    "Proposal for an Improved Tele-Lab Architecture"
  • 04.07.2006
    Ji Hu
    "A Virtual Machine Architecture for IT Security Laboratories" (from 14:30)
  • 27.06.2006
    Project Team "BP2006-M2"
    "Lock-Keeper: Database Replication and Synchronization"
  • 23.06.2006
    Wanjun Huang
    "Temporary Binding for Dynamic Middleware Construction and Web Services Composition"
  • 31.05.2006
    Long Wang
    "Web-Cares: Knowing your Customer, your Targets, your site and ..."
  • 23.05.2006
    Katrin Wolf
    "E-Futurum: A Hybrid Learning Arrangement"
  • 16.05.2006
    Christian Liesegang
    "SNAPP - A Security Auditing Framework"
  • 02.05.2006
    Francisco Marcano
    "Digital Zooming and Virtual Slides in Pathology"
  • 19.04.2006
    Christian Liesegang
    "Dynamic Attack Vector Composition"
  • Michael Menzel
    "The Lock Keeper Application Gateway Architecture - providing secure web services"
  • 11.04.2006
    Chunyan Jiang
    "A Medical Image Processing Application"

Winter semester 05/06

  • 01.03.2006
    Stephan Repp
    "Segmenting Algorithm and Semantic Indexing Techniques for Recorded Lecture Videos"
  • 21.02.2006
    FG-Prof. Meinel
    Inner Discussion
  • 07.02.2006
    Michael Menzel
    "Web Technologien und Web Services"
  • 31.01.2006
    Michael Menzel
    "Providing Web Services with Lock-Keeper"
  • 24.01.2006
    Preview of Tele-TASK Symposium (in Hörsaal 2)
  • 17.01.2006
    Christian Liesegang
    "Introduction of an experimental platform for security testing and measurement (II)"
  • 10.01.2006
    Christian Liesegang
    "Introduction of an experimental platform for security testing and measurement (I)"
  • 06.12.2005
    Thomas J. Wilke
    "Total IT-Security: Methodik und Architektur zur Absicherung moderner IT-Infrastrukturen"
  • 05.12.2005
    Chunyan Jiang
    "Medical Image Processing System under Tele-Medicine Framework"
  • 29.11.2005
    Ghasemzadeh Mohammad
    "A New Algorithm for the Quantified Satisfiability Problem, Based on Zero-suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams and Memorization"
  • 22.11.2005
    Jablonski Hendrik
    "Secure Touchless Interfaces at OP 2000"
  • 15.11.2005
    Long Wang
    "Multi-Criteria Evaluation for the Significance of Web Usage Patterns"
  • 08.11.2005
    Konrad Huebner
    "STAGE - an Architecture-centric Programming Model"
  • 02.11.2005
    Naouel Karam
    "Semantic information retrieval - A Description logics based approach" (more reading)
  • 01.11.2005
    Naouel Karam
    "Non Standard Reasoning in DL" (more reading)
  • 01.11.2005
    Naouel Karam
    "Description Logics" (more reading)
  • 25.10.2005
    Mathias Kutzner
    "A New Approach to Tele-Lecture-Recording"
  • 18.10.2005
    Bjoern Schuenemann
    "Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET)"

Summer semester 05

  • 02.08.2005
    Serge Linckels
    "Semantic Web - Promising Technologies that Change the World"
  • 26.07.2005
    Stephan Repp
    "Indexing and Searching in Recorded Lectures"
  • 12.07.2005
    Long Wang
    "Web-CARES: Evaluating Methods in Usage Mining for Improving Content Organization"
  • 05.07.2005
    "Inner Discussion on Master Thesises (OBDD)"
  • 28.06.2005
    Long Wang
    "Web-CARES: Improving Content Organization by Clustering Page Pairs"
  • 21.06.2005
    "Inner Discussion on Master Thesises (Tele-Lab and Tele-Medicine)"
  • 14.06.2005
    Feng Cheng
    "Proposals for Further Improvments of the Lock-Keeper"
  • 07.06.2005
    Ji Hu
    "Tele-Lab 'IT-Security' Demo"
  • 31.05.2005
    "Inner Discussion on Master Thesises"
  • 24.05.2005
    Wanjun Huang
    "Web Services and Service-Oriented Composition"
  • 17.05.2005
    Feng Cheng
    "Physical Separation Technology: Usability and Security"
  • 10.05.2005
  • 03.05.2005
    Bjoern Schuenemann
    "Learn More about Access Control with Tele-Lab"
  • 27.04.2005
    Xinhua Zhang
    "Open Simple Secure Transaction Protocol"
  • 19.04.2005
    Dirk Cordel and Ji Hu
    "Ideas about a Tele-Lab Chapter of Security Scanners"
  • 12.04.2005
    Long Wang
    "Web-CARES: An Overview, an Analysis"
  • 05.04.2005
    Serge Linckels
    "A Semantic Search Engine that Fosters Exploratory Learning"

Winter semester 04/05

  • 22.03.2005
    Felix Apitzsch
    "Security, Privacy and Trust"
  • 18.03.2005
    Ji Hu
    "Ideas for a better Tele-Lab"
  • 11.03.2005
    Michael G. Noll
    "Safer Internet - content filtering for the WWW"
  • 08.03.2005
    Dirk Cordel
    "Tele-Lab IT Security - IT Sicherheitsausbildung im Internet"
  • 01.03.2005
    Long Wang
    "Recovering Characteristic Individual Accessing Behavior"
  • 22.02.2005
    Chunyan Jiang
    "Medical Image Segmentation"
  • 15.02.2005
    Mathias Kutzner
    "TeleTask 2: Progress and Problems"
  • 04.02.2005
    Benjamin Boelter
    "Secure E-Document-Container - die elektronische Dokumentenmappe"
  • 25.01.2005
    Wanjun Huang
    "A Dynamic, Secure and Multi-Solutions Supported Middleware System"
  • 18.01.2005
    Dirk Cordel
    "Management of virtual machines for Tele-Lab IT Security"
  • 11.01.2005
    Ghasemzadeh Mohammad
    "A ZDD-based QSAT Solver"
  • 05.01.2005
    Felix Apitzsch
    "Development of application-oriented adaptive routing mechanisms for optimized self-organization in mobile ad-hoc networks"