Daniel Köhler

2022: EC-TEL Presentation
2022: HPI Cybersecurity Education
2022: EC-TEL Presentation

Research Interests & Teaching Activities

I am researching on the intersection of (Online) Education and cybersecurity. With my activities, I hope to increase Cybersecurity Awareness among laypersons, and IT experts alike. One area of my research on online education targets Audio-Based Education, Podcasts in particular. Previously published manuscripts from that research can be found below.

Teaching Activities at the HPI

  • Internet Security
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Bachelor- & Master-Projects and Seminars
  • openHPI-Courses


  • 1.
    Köhler, D., Meinel, C.: The Right Tool for the Job: Overview, Comparison and Assessment of Methods for Cybersecurity Awareness Education and Verifications. Presented at the Februarie (2024).
  • 2.
    Köhler, D., Pünter, W., Meinel, C.: How Users Investigate Phishing Emails that Lack Traditional Phishing Cues. In: Pöpper, C. en Batina, L. (reds.) Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer (2024).
  • 3.
    Köhler, D., Pünter, W., Meinel, C.: The ’’How’’ Matters: Evaluating different Video Types for Cybersecurity MOOCs. In: Viberg, O., Jivet, I., Muñoz-Merino, P., Perifanou, M., en Papathoma, T. (reds.) Responsive and Sustainable Educational Futures. bll. 149–163. Springer Nature Switzerland (2023).
  • 4.
    Köhler, D., Serth, S., Meinel, C.: On Air: Benefits of weekly Podcasts accompanying Online Courses. Proceedings of the Tenth ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale. (2023).
  • 5.
    Koehler, D., Serth, S., Steinbeck, H., Meinel, C.: Integrating Podcasts into MOOCs: Comparing Effects of Audio- and Video-Based Education for Secondary Content. In: Hilliger, I., Muñoz-Merino, P.J., Laet, T.D., Ortega-Arranz, A., en Farrell, T. (reds.) Educating for a New Future: Making Sense of Technology-Enhanced Learning Adoption (EC-TEL 2022). bll. 131–144. Springer, Toulouse, France (2022).
  • 6.
    Koehler, D., Serth, S., Meinel, C.: Consuming Security: Evaluating Podcasts to Promote Online Learning Integrated with Everyday Life. Proceedings of the World Engineering Education Forum (2021).
  • 7.
    Koehler, D., Klieme, E., Kreuseler, M., Cheng, F., Meinel, C.: Assessment of Remote Biometric Authentication Systems: Another Take on the Quest to Replace Passwords. Proceedings of 2021 IEEE 5th International Conference on Cryptography, Security and Privacy (CSP 2021). IEEE (2021).