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PD Dr. Haojin Yang

Head of Multimedia and Machine Learning Research Group

Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering gGmbH
Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Str. 2-3
14482 Potsdam

fax:         +49 (0)331-5509-3511
email:     haojin.yang(at)hpi.de

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Research Interests

Efficient AI, Edge AI, deep model acceleration and compression, computer vision applications, lecture video indexing.

Multimedia Analysis with Deep Learning

Learning and understanding multimedia content is a challenging task in the research field of information retrieval and multimedia analysis. Deep Learning (DL), as a new area of machine learning (since 2006), has already been impacting a wide range of multimedia information processing. Recently, the techniques developed based on DL achieved substantial progress in fields including Speech Recognition, Image Classification and Language Processing. It has been proved that through simulating human neural network and hierarchically (layer-by-layer) learning features from large scale data can significantly improve analytic results. In this project, we focus on developing multimedia retrieval approaches based on DL technologies. 

Current research topics:

Multimedia analysis and computer vision

  • End-to-end scene text detection and recognition in real-time using deep neural networks
  • Image/video captioning
  • Multimodal data retrieval
  • Deep Learning in medical image processing e.g. brain abnormality detection
  • Handwriting analysis in art historical data
  • Other computer vision applications

Research in deep learning algorithm

  • Efficient AI system with the focus on edge computing
  • Binary neural networks
  • Label noise, weakly supervised representation learning, label synthesis
  • Efficient deep models for NLP applications

Current Projects

KI-Leuchttürme project for environment, climate, nature and resources

EKAPEx: New efficient AI algorithms for innovative forecasting methods for extreme weather events (2023-2025)

HPI will act as the coordinator for the project and collaborate with machine learning experts from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and atmospheric and meteorological experts from the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ). The aim of the project is to develop AI-based precipitation forecasting for Germany, with a special emphasis on extreme weather events. To accomplish this, the team will develop the most efficient and powerful AI algorithms possible, while also significantly reducing resource consumption. Unique datasets, such as Integrated Water Vapor and Slant Integrated Water Vapor obtained from GNSS observations, will also be utilized to enhance forecasting capabilities. The project aims to develop an accessible platform that will contribute significantly to the improvement of climate adaptation measures and the sustainable use of AI.

The team will employ efficient designs of AI algorithms, such as few-shot learning, zero-shot learning, and open-set recognition methods, in order to decrease dependence on large amounts of data and manual annotation for weather forecasting. Additionally, neural networks will be applied that can operate with a lower bitrate by converting the parameters and intermediate results of the network from previous 32-bit models to a binary value with only one bit, while minimizing accuracy loss. The project will also specifically address power consumption of AI methods as a source of greenhouse gases.

Deep Learning for Enterprise NLP Applications

Project partner: SAP Conversational AI team (2017-2020)

In this project we will develop a framework for building general-applicable as well as domain-specific NLP models by using state-of-the-art deep learning technology. The research problem on textual representation learning will be studied intended to find the most efficient solution for deep neural network design, and system implementation. The evaluation protocol will be defined and developed for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Project partner: SAP ICN Machine Learning team (2020-2022)

The recently emerged large-scale pre-trained language models based on the Transformer model, such as GPT-3 (175 billion parameters) and Switch Transformer (1600 billion parameters), have brought about a series of breakthroughs in many Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. However, the training of these large-scale models is computationally expensive. Moreover, these models generally have billions of parameters, making it challenging to conduct inference on resource-limited devices. In this project, we will dive into how such large scale models work, study different approaches to decrease their space and time complexity during training and inference, and evaluate them on different Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) benchmarks.

Binary Neural Networks, Deep Model Compression and Acceleration

Project partner: PyTorch, NICSEFCMXNet

In recent years, deep learning technologies achieved excellent performance and many breakthroughs in both academia and industry. However the state-of-the-art deep models are computational expensive
and consume large storage space. Deep learning is also strongly demanded by numerous applications from areas such as mobile platforms, wearable devices, autonomous robots and IoT devices. How to efficiently apply deep models on such low power devices becomes a challenging research problem. In this project we will explore several different approaches such as binarized, quantized as well as lightweight deep neural networks for this problem. The development is based on well known open source deep learning library PyTorch and Apache MXNet. As a in progress research result we have developed two open source frameworks:

Project partner: Wildenstein Plattner Institute

With increasing digitization and storage capacities, it becomes more and more viable to undergo massive digitization projects for analogue archives. Digitization allows easy access and long term preservation of old and sensitive physical material, where access is typically denied. Furthermore, digitization allows the material to be processed more efficiently. In this project, we aim to develop and apply novel automatic processing methods for the digitized archive of the WPI. Since Archival material, especially in the art history domain, contains many images and handwriting, we concentrated on analysing and extracting handwritten information. Challenges, which should be addressed in this project are scalability and quality of different approaches for handwriting recognition. The digitization project that the WPI is undergoing covers a document corpus of many million pages in different fonts, languages and physical condition. 

Besides handwriting as one important type of semantic information in an archive, a digitized archive also contains many scans of documents that contain images. These images may be photographs, reproductions of works of art, or even sketches. A digitization pipeline would greatly benefit from additional analysis steps extracting metadata from such documents. In this line of work further analysis steps, such as classification of documentsby visual appearance, automatic creation of textual metadata (i.e. descriptions) of images, and recognition of depicted objects in images shall be added to the resulting digitization pipeline. All of the developed approaches shall be incorporated into a system usable by the researchers of the WPI by incorporation into their cataloguing software.

Intelligent Lecture Video Analysis and Retrieval

Project partner: tele-TASK and openHPI team

  • Video Lecture Browser: Lecture video content analysis, automatic video indexing, content-based video search, lecture speech recognition, lecture slides recognition.
  • Automatic E-Lecture Material Enhancement

Former Projects


 tele-TASK:(tele-Teaching Anywhere Solution Kit) is an advanced mobile system for the production of Internet streaming videos and podcasts featuring a new and drastically simplified technology.

 MEDIAGLOBE - the digital archive is part of the THESEUS research program initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi). MEDIAGLOBE deals with digitization, analysis, and semantic retrieval of historical, documentary audiovisual content.

Research Team

  • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel 
  • Group leader: PD Dr. habil. Haojin Yang (G2-E.26)
  • Joseph Bethge (PhD student, G2-E.32) thesis submitted
  • Ting Hu (PhD student, G2-E.31) thesis submitted
  • Ziyun Li (PhD student, G2-E.31)
  • Nianhui Guo (PhD student, G2-E.32)
  • Jona Otholt (PhD student, G2-E.31)
  • Gregor Nickel (PhD student, G2-E.32)
  • Weixing Wang (PhD student, G2-E.32)
  • Hong Guo (PhD student, G2-E.31)
  • Zi Yang (co-supervised industry PhD student, Huawei Munich Research Center)
  • Maximilian Schulze (Scientific coworker
  • Philipp Hildebrandt (Scientific coworker)
  • Elena Gensch (Scientific coworker)
  • Cedric Lorenz (Scientific coworker)
  • Eszter Pai (Scientific coworker)
  • Mohammad Yakub (Scientific coworker)
  • Dimitrije Ristic (Scientific coworker)

Former Team Members

  • Dimitri Korsch (master studentnow PhD Student with Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
  • Hannes Rantzsch (master student, now with nexenio GmbH)
  • Tom Herold (master student, now with scalable minds)
  • Sheng Luo (PhD Student, now with Nvidia Shanghai)
  • Dr. Cheng Wang (PhD student, now with Amazon AI)
  • Martin Fritzsche (master student)
  • Haofang Lu (PhD student)
  • Dr. Xiaoyin Che (PhD student and PostDoc researcher, now with Siemens Research China)
  • Larissa Hoffäller (scientific coworker)
  • Julian Niedermeier (scientific coworker)
  • Jonathan Sauder (intern)
  • Dr. Mina Razaei (PhD student, now with LMU)
  • Dr. Goncalo Mordido (PhD student, now with MILA-Quebec AI Institute)
  • Benedikt Schenkel (scientific coworker)
  • Dr. Christian Bartz (PhD student, now with German Aerospace Center)
  • Hendrik Rätz (PhD student)
  • Axel Stebner (scientific coworker)
  • Prashant Dangwal (scientific coworker)
  • Paul Mattes (Scientific coworker)
  • Christopher Aust (Scientific coworker)



Reviewed Publications


In Journal:





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In Conference, Workshop and arXiv: 


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Concluded PhD Theses

  • Dr. Cheng Wang: "Deep Learning of Multimodal Representations"
  • Dr. Xiaoyin Che: "E-Lecture Material Enhancement Based on Automatic Multimedia Analysis"
  • Dr. Mina Rezaei: "Deep representation Learning from Imbalanced Medical Imaging"
  • Dr. Goncalo Mordido: "Diversification, Compression, and Evaluation Methods for Generative Adversarial Networks"
  • Dr. Christian Barz: "Reducing the Annotation Burden: Deep Learning for Optical Character Recognition using less Manual Annotations"

Current Master Theses

Concluded Master Thesis

  • Furkan Simsek, "LTGCD: Long-tailed Generalized Category Discovery", 2023
  • Weixing Wang, "Network Intrusion Detection using pre-trained tabular representation models", co-supervision with Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer from TUM,2023
  • Jonas Krah, "Accelerating Monocular Depth Estimation using Binary Neural Networks", 2023
  • Tobias Bredow, "Synthetic Data for the Segmentation of Medical Images", 2022
  • Alexander Kromer, "Quantized Ensemble Neural Networks", 2022
  • Erik Ziegler, "Multi-Task and Zero-Shot Learning with Question Answering Transformer Models", 2022
  • Emanuel Metzenthin, "Weakly Supervised Text Localization using Deep Reinforcement Learning", 2022
  • Jona Otholt, "Automatic Categorization of Scanned Documents" 2021
  • Rätz, Hendrik "Handwriting Classification on Archival Documents using Deep Neural Networks", 2020
  • Julian Niedermeier, "Manifold Learning for the Evaluation of Generative Models" 2019
  • Wolff, Felix "Online Activity Prediction with Long-short-term Memory Recurrent Networks" (co-supervision with Prof. Mathias Weske and Dr. Luise Pufahl), 2019
  • Loy, Adrian "Adaptive Precision of Deep Neural Networks", 2019
  • Bornstein, Marvin "Evaluation of Quantized Deep Neural Networks", 2019
  • Meyer, Thorben "Handwriting Detection/Recognition from Art-Historical Documents", 2018
  • Tom Herold: "Language identification in audio files using deep learning", 2017
  • Martin Fritzsche: "Quantized Deep Neural Networks", 2017
  • Hannes Rantzsch: "A deep learning approach to signature verification", 2016
  • Dimitri Korsch: "Perspective recification of scene text with the help of analytical and deep learning approaches", 2016
  • Christian Bartz: "Scene text recognition using deep learning", 2016


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