Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI


Didacta 2018: Niedersächsische Bildungscloud and nationwide Schul-Cloud start cooperation

The opportunities and challenges of digitization play an increasing role in the education, training and qualification for every age. The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) as a pioneer in the field of digital education presented recent projects of the institute at the education fair didacta 2018 from 20th to 24th of February. At the beginning of the fair, the Niedersächsische Bildungscloud (NBC) and the Schul-Cloud, which is developed together with the Ministry of Education (BMBF) and the school network MINT-EC, started their cooperation.

Jan Renz (Schul-Cloud employee), Michael Sternberg (CEO n21 initiative), Grant H. Tonne (Lower Saxony Minister of Education), HPI Director Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Melanie Rüther (head of the working group "Digital Change" in the BMBF) and Hanno ter Haseborg (project leader n21 initiative) (v.l.n.r.) seal the joint cooperation. (Photo: Tom Figiel)

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The Schul-Cloud team brought their cloud structure closer to the many visitors in Hall 13. Learning with digital content should be as straightforward as possible at school and at home. The development goals of the Schul-Cloud are drawn from teaching practice. Nationwide, 27 selected MINT EC schools are currently working with the Schul-Cloud as part of a pilot project. At the end of the development phase of the Schul-Cloud, a reliable and easily adaptable digital tool for teaching in all subjects should be available.

Niedersächsische Bildungscloud and Schul-Cloud will cooperate in the future

The Lower Saxony Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne, Melanie Rüther, Head of the working group "Digital Change" in the BMBF, Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, director of the HPI and the managing director of the Lower Saxony state’s n-21 initiative Michael Sternberg announced on 20 February the cooperation of the NBC and the Schul-Cloud. The cooperation will make it possible to use synergy effects in the further development, to avoid duplication of programming, to exchange experiences and to work on fundamental issues together. In particular, through the connection of the Lower Saxony project schools there is the opportunity to develop a platform and test it in the real classroom during the trial phase, which can then be used efficiently nationwide and country-specific.

Federal Education Minister Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka welcomed the signing of the cooperation agreement at federal level: "For the Schul-Cloud is being developed, what educators and students formulate as desires for teaching and learning at home. The involvement of the schools creates a stable infrastructure from practice for use in practice. With the pilot schools from Lower Saxony all school types are now represented.

Online learning on openHPI and mooc.house

With the internet education platform openHPI, the HPI presented another project in the field of digital education. On the interactive learning platform, the HPI offers free online courses on IT topics for everyone. In contrast to "traditional" lecture portals, the courses at openHPI follow a fixed schedule - with defined stimuli such as instructional videos, texts, self-tests, regular home and exam assignments. The active use of the connected openHPI discussion forum, in which participants can exchange ideas with other learners and the teaching team, clarifies questions and discusses further topics and creates a lively virtual learning community. Upon request, learners can also obtain qualified certificates, which allow recognition of their achievements in the form of ECTS credits at universities.

Under the umbrella of the HPI platform mooc.house, companies and public institutions can conduct their own online courses on topics of all kinds for an unlimited audience.

tele-TASK: Learning at any time in any place

In addition to Schul-Cloud and openHPI, the HPI presented the system tele-TASK, a technology of the HPI for the recording and transmission of lectures via the Internet. Thanks to tele-TASK, every user worldwide can access training, presentations and events online – both live broadcasts as archived recordings. Unlike other solutions, the tele-TASK videos simultaneously show the presenters and their respective laptop or blackboard presentation. The tele-TASK recording system is in a compact case and consists of a specially configured computer on which the recording software is installed ready for use.