HPI Initiatives

  • HPI Identity Leak Checker
    Check if your personal data has been published on the Internet. All you need is your E-mail address.
  • tele-TASK
    Please find video recordings of HPI lectures and events on our video portal tele-TASK.
  • Tele-Board
    Tele-Board combines video conferencing with a translucent, synchronized whiteboard overlay.
  • HPI Vulnerability Database
    The database is a comprehensive and up-to-date repository which contains a large number of known vulnerabilities of software. 
  • SOA Security Lab
    The SOA Security Lab is a cloud platform that enables the testing, monitoring and analysis of web services.
  • BlogIntelligence
    This service analyzes the entirety of weblogs and visualizes the results in order to extract valuable aggregated information.

Further Services: