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Start-up Nailvision wins Business Plan Competition 2021

The team from Nailvision wins the 9th Business Plan Competition at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) with their business idea of using an AI-supported tool to detect nail diseases at an early stage and support patients with their treatments in everyday life.

Nailvision wins the 2021 Business Plan Competition
Nailvision wins the 2021 Business Plan Competition (Photo: HPI/ K. Herschelmann)

In the final, the founding team consisting of Nataniel Müller (28), Konstantin Dobler (23) and Simon Shabo (27) impresses the jury with their business idea and solution. They can look forward to a prize worth €100,000. This includes personal scholarships of up to €50,000, an investment offer of €50,000 from the HPI Seed Fund and one year of business coaching from the HPI School of Entrepreneurship (E-School).

The Nailvision tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to examine, monitor and support patients in the treatment of their nail diseases. "By combining our smartphone-based image analysis with an intelligent medical questionnaire, our app is able to detect diseases and determine their severity. This allows us to subsequently recommend clinically validated treatment procedures," explains co-founder Dobler. By integrating AI and clinical knowledge, Team Nailvision aims to become the central point of contact for nail disease screening and treatment support. This would make the founding team the only provider worldwide that can offer this in an automated way by using AI.

Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, Director of the E-School underlines: "Especially Start-ups from the university sector form the bridge between research and development of disruptive technologies towards practical application. Promoting this transfer is an essential part of our HPI-DNA."

The business plan competition has been held since 2010 and has been organized every year since 2016 by the HPI E-School team and the HPI Seed Fund. The goal of the competition is to give young entrepreneurs the chance to present their business ideas and systematically develop them in several feedback rounds. Over the course of three phases, the participants receive targeted, individual input in order to work intensively on their business model. At the end of the competition, the three best teams are given the opportunity to present their business idea to a jury of experts.