Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

Current Developments in Electronic Health Records (Sommersemester 2024)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Renard (Data Analytics and Computational Statistics) , Jan-Philipp Sachs (Data Analytics and Computational Statistics) , Susanne Ibing (Data Analytics and Computational Statistics) , Linea Schmidt (Data Analytics and Computational Statistics) , Stefan Kalabakov (Digital Health - Connected Healthcare)

General Information

  • Weekly Hours: 2
  • Credits: 3
  • Graded: yes
  • Enrolment Deadline: 01.04.2024-30.04.2024
  • Examination time §9 (4) BAMA-O: 23.04.2024 (1st presentation)
  • Teaching Form: Seminar
  • Enrolment Type: Compulsory Elective Module
  • Course Language: English
  • Maximum number of participants: 12

Programs, Module Groups & Modules

Data Engineering MA
IT-Systems Engineering MA
Cybersecurity MA
Digital Health MA
Software Systems Engineering MA
  • OISY: Online and Interactive Systems
    • HPI-OISY-C Concepts and Methods
  • OISY: Online and Interactive Systems
    • HPI-OISY-T Technologies and Tools
  • OISY: Online and Interactive Systems
    • HPI-OISY-S Specialization
  • MALA: Machine Learning and Analytics
    • HPI-MALA-C Concepts and Methods
  • MALA: Machine Learning and Analytics
    • HPI-MALA-T Technologies and Tools
  • MALA: Machine Learning and Analytics
    • HPI-MALA-S Specialization


This literature seminar is designed for master-level students interested in the cutting edge of research based on Electronic Health Records (EHR). Given the growing digitization in hospitals (including those in Germany), there is a strong interest in the secondary application of EHR in clinical diagnosis and prediction tools, at both patient and population levels. With that starting point of this course, students will delve into the most current topics surrounding EHRs, including interoperability, data quality, patient phenotyping, and downstream application through clinical prediction models, including their development, evaluation, validation, and interpretation.

The course consists mainly of student presentations of recent, pre-selected publications from the field, followed by in-depth discussions.

For a first impression of possible publications, see below:


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the fundamental principles of EHR
  • Learning to identify open challenges and current topics in EHR research
  • Learning to effectively communicate complex scientific topics in this field and lead a discussion
  • Improving presentation and writing skills in English


You should have an interest in medical informatics and a good knowledge of English (at least high school level). Presentations and discussions in this seminar will take place in English. In order to successfully achieve our project objectives, a high level of motivation and a time commitment appropriate for a 3 ECTS course will be required.


60% presentation

30% writing

10% participation 


We will have a kickoff meeting on April 9, 2024, at 3.15 PM in room K-2.03 (change of rooms possible at short notice) + Zoom to introduce the course topics and next steps - see details on moodle: