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Outgoing students

ATTENTION: Use our new application tool below, the application deadline is February 1, 2021

This page contains important information - please read it carefully including the FAQ section below. You might also be interested in this 2014 recording explaining the ins and outs of studying abroad with Erasmus+.

The International Office provides much valuable information, including this Ablaufplan.


Application Process

  • Please gather as much information as possible on the partner universities and the programs offered, and decide whether to apply for an Erasmus+ student exchange. 
  • Our partner universities provide extensive information online, please spend some time surfing the university's web sites. 
  • Once you have decided to apply for an Erasmus+ positon, carefully prepare your application. It should include:
    • Motivation Letter (1-2 pages in English). Explain in detail why you intend to spend some time abroad, describe the topics you are going to study there and how the courses offered fit with your personal experiences, skills, and interests.
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Statement of credit points and marks, granted from HPI so far. You can obtain information in the HPI student office.
    • If applicable, your bachelor certificate and report card (Bachelorzeugnis)
    • Confirmations or certificates for language skills and/or mention of plans for language courses
  • To apply for a student exchange position during the academic year 2021/2022, your application must reach the Student Exchange Coordinator at HPI by using the application tool above by February 1, 2021. This early deadline applies also if you plan a stay only for the second semester of the academic year.

Once You are Accepted

  • The decision on acceptance / rejection is based on the letter of application and the performance of the applicant at HPI. 
  • Notifcation of acceptance or rejection are typically sent out in February. Once you are accepted, you are invited to provide additional personal information. In particular, you have to fill an online form called Annahmeerklärung (AAA web page) by end of March
  • In an additional step you will need to register at the hosting university. In some cases this happens together with the coordinator, sometimes you can do this alone. Please try to find out on the web pages of the host university.
  • In spring, you start to select the particular courses you intend to take abroad. A document called Learning Agreement (pdf find here) is prepared by you and approved and signed by the coordinator. Please bring along printouts or send links with the course descriptions you plan to take. Please try to use this form or any other form that requires only one signature per university. 
    For Table B of the learning agreement it is sufficient to mention some "Vertiefungsgebiete" and not actual courses.
    The learning agreement is sent to the respective partner university. Changes to the learning agreement can be made with the support of the respective coordinator at the local university. 
  • The learning agreement is also relevant with respect to the approval of credit points. Please also see this document, which details the mapping of credit points.
  • You start with trip arrangements and accommodation. Our partner universities are usually very helpful in organizing student housing and provide additional support. 
  • Anja Fürstenberg (office-lehmann(at)hpi.de, Phone: 0331 - 5509-4920) can assist in the adminstrational details of this process. 

Current Erasmus+ Partner Institutions

Overview map

See main ERASMUS page for list of Universities and contact information

Exchange reports by students

The University of Potsdam maintains many reports. An additional list is here:

  • Slides about Efrei by Susanne Bülow 2014
  • Report from Sydney by Stephan Brumme
  • Report from EFREI, Paris by Christian Adam
  • Report from Blekinge, Sweden by Steffen Ryll
  • Report from Jyväskylä, Finnland by Alexander Krasnogolowy
  • Report from Blekinge by Erik Schleiff
  • Report from UC San Diego (not part of ERASMUS program) by Peter Faymonville 2009
  • Report from UC San Diego (not part of ERASMUS program) by Tobias Flach 2009
  • Report from Blekinge, Sweden by Markus Steiner 2009
  • Report from Blekinge, Sweden by Nico Rehwaldt 2010


  • Isn't there an FAQ of the University of Potsdam?
  • May I apply for student exchange with one particular partner university or may I apply for all available ones? 
    • We expect you to provide convincing information why you want to go to one particular Institution, so in general we expect people to send in an application for one particular partner university. 
  •  Do I lose one semester? 
    • We do not expect students to "lose" a semester. However, you are in charge of selecting relevant courses from the partner universities offers. The courses are then approved by the coordinator, as specified in the learning agreement. As a result, the credit points that you own while abroad can be used in your HPI studies. 
    • You can apply for an "Urlaubssemester" for the duration for your stay. This does not count as "Fachsemester" but you can still receive credit for the courses you have taken abroad.
  • May I simultaneously apply for Erasmus+ at HPI and for other grants? 
    • In general, yes. However, we expect you to provide this information in your letter of application.
  • I am a foreigner. Am I eligible for an Erasmus exchange?
    • All non-guest students are eligble for an exchange.
  • What financial support can I expect?
    • The Erasmus+ program provides monthly financial support for exchange students, the amount depending on the country you are traveling to. Travel expenses are not covered.
    • Students obtaining BAföG may be eligible for an additional Auslands-BAföG-Zuschuss incl. travel expenses. During this time your "Inlands-BAFöG" rests and will commence upon your return. The time abroad is not counted towards your "Förderungshöchstdauer" (up to one year).
    • Keep in mind that as an Erasmus student you do not need to pay tuition fees at the university you are visiting.
  • What happens if I fail some courses?
    • The AAA states: "Sollten Sie weniger als 15 Punkte pro Semester erreicht haben, behalten wir uns vor, das Stipendium anteilig zurückzufordern. Wenn Sie gar keine Punkte erreicht haben, müssen Sie das Stipendium zurückzahlen."
  • May I spend multiple semesters as ERASMUS student? 
    • An ERASMUS stay can be 1 or 2 semesters. 
    • Since 2014/15: You can spend up to 12 months in each study phase (Bachelor, Master, and PhD), so up to 36 months in sum. 
  • Can I spend two semesters at two different universities? 
    • Yes!
    • Both during BA and MA you can spend up to 12 months abroad.
  • Can I extend my ERASMUS stay from 1 semester to a second semester.
  • Can language courses be included in the master's degree?
    • Yes.
  • Questions that are answered in the text above 
    •  When should I apply? 
    •  What should I send to apply? 
    •  Which options do I have?