Youth Academy

The Youth Academy at Hasso Plattner Institute offers a wide range of exciting events for high school students who are interested in pursuing a degree in a field that is creative and technical.


Häufig gestellte Fragen zu unseren Schülerveranstaltungen und -camps beantworten wir hier:

The aim of the Youth Academy is to highlight the diverse application areas of computer science and to inspire the creative expression that is waiting there to be tapped. Sparking the curiosity of boys and girls in computer science can encourage them to embark on the path to a degree.  At Youth Academy events, high school students get specific information about the IT Systems Engineering major or about studying computer science in general and on new technologies.

A primary objective is therefore to support the talent and potential of interested young people and to guide on their way to a promising career in the field of information technology.

Veranstaltungen der Schülerakademie

Youth Academy Events

  • Youth College
    The HPI Youth College is a free, annual program for pupils who are in the 7th grade and up.
  • HPI Ambassador
    HPI students visit schools to report on computer science and their studies at HPI.
  • HPI Summer Camp
    HPI offers a number of summer camps for high school students.
  • Girls' Day
    On Girl’s Day, HPI extends a special invitation to young women who would like to familiarize themselves with the many career opportunities in the IT branch.


  • Hochschulinformationstag
    Am Hochschulinformationstag können sich Interessenten einen Einblick in Lehre und Forschung des HPI verschaffen.
  • Schnupperangebot
    Probieren geht über studieren: Unter diesem Motto werden ausgewählte HPI-Lehrveranstaltungen für Interessierte geöffnet.
  • Bachelorpodium
    Auf dem Bachelorpodium können Schüler die innovativen Abschlussergebnisse der HPI-Bachelorstudierenden sehen.
  • Newsletter
    Der HPI-Newsletter für Schüler und Lehrer informiert viermal jährlich über Anmeldefristen und Termine. Zum Abonnieren schicken Sie bitte eine E-Mail an schuelerakademie(at)hpi.de.

Video: Informatik-Angebote für Schüler am Hasso-Plattner-Institut