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Hasso Plattner Institute at CeBIT 2015

16 to 20 March 2015

Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) is one of the biggest CeBIT exhibitors this year in the topic area "Research and Innovation". In Hall 9 at booth D44, we present the results of our latest research and development from the world of "Big Data" for the "d!conomy" –  the "digital economy". Feel free to visit us!

Hasso Plattner Institute's Pavilion at CeBIT 2015 (Hall 9, Booth D44).
Hasso Plattner Institute's Pavilion at CeBIT 2015 (Hall 9, Booth D44).

Visit us at CeBIT 2016!

Visit us at CeBIT 2016 in hall 6, booth D18. 

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Within their exhibit area of more than 380 square meters, HPI shows for instance how corporate decision-makers can draw on innovative real-time support in their meetings.  A new financial simulation software will be presented that enables profit-analysis to be made at lightning speed. HPI demonstrates the innovative possibilities of Big Data analysis for such diverse areas as sports and medicine, in helping to contain the spread of epidemics around the world.

HPI’s presence at CeBIT follows a clear structure, offering an area for the interactive exhibit of individual projects. The elements of the HPI logo are transformed into a dynamic motif and connecting signpost. The visitor is thereby given the impression of pixels in motion or the illusion of data traveling up the white surfaces and accompanying them as they move from the main booth to the "Open Space" across from it. Here, visitors are invited to take a stroll, have a discussion or collaborate. The main topic is openHPI,  the free, open online courses for everyone.

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