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HPI Presents Environmental Monitoring Software at SAP Customer Fair in the USA

The SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando (USA) will see scientists from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) demonstrate how analysing vast volumes of data can help visualize air quality at large port facilities.

From 17 to 19 May, the Potsdam IT specialists will be attending the world’s largest customer fair run by IT group SAP SE (stand 100) to present a software solution designed to enable Hamburg's port to track emissions at all times and thereby assists experts in minimising environmental pollution, for example. In addition to the project with the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) the HPI will also be presenting twelve other applications from its latest research on main-memory databases and new online learning formats for universities and companies.

"Every day, the port of Hamburg records around 1.5 million measurement readings from ship movements, traffic flows and environment sensors. Our software application enables these different data sources to be linked together. Furthermore, the vast amounts of data can be visualized in order to give a comprehensive picture of the port facility", explains Dr Matthias Uflacker, deputy chair of the HPI faculty for Enterprise Platforms and Integration Concepts. According to Uflacker, it will allow air quality trends to be accurately represented for specific time frames and regions.

The software can be used to approximately calculate and track sulphur dioxide readings, nitrogen dioxide readings, particulate matter readings, and the positions and traffic flows of various ships and vehicles on an interactive map of the port area. The application is based on the SAP HANA platform, whose in-memory database technology was co-developed at the HPI, where it continues to be researched. It speeds up the process for analysing vast volumes of data in real time.


SAPPHIRE NOW: Plattner as keynote speaker, presentations and projects

The SAP HANA platform is the main topic of this year's SAPPHIRE NOW, which is aimed at SAP customers from all over the world. In addition to further projects relating to the in-memory database technology, the HPI will also be presenting its MOOC House learning platform, where companies and educational establishments can run their own open online courses, known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), on all kinds of topics.

HPI founder and SAP supervisory board chairperson Prof. Hasso Plattner will give a keynote speech at the event, while HPI director Prof. Christoph Meinel will hold two other presentations on the challenges of digital transformation (Wednesday) and working with the openSAP and openHPI learning platforms (Thursday). On the Wednesday, Dr Matthias Uflacker will speak about the latest research projects based on the in-memory database technology. All the projects representing the four areas of expertise – Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts, Internet Technologies and Systems, Computer Graphics Systems and Business Process Technology – will be exhibited at stand 100.