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Startup Talks at the HPI: German founders talk about their path to success

They are successful start-up founders and have already convinced well-known investors with their ideas: In the new lecture series "Startup Talks @ HPI", the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) invites professionals from the German start-up scene to report from their personal experiences.

Johannes Reck, founder and CEO of GetYourGuide. (Photo: HPI/F. Flemming)

The entrepreneurs shed light on the entire start-up process and talk in particular about brainstorming, product development, marketing and growth. In the course of the lecture series the students met Jochen Engert (Founder Flixbus), Johannes Reck (Founder GetYourGuide) and Naren Shaam (Founder GoEuro) and investor Christophe Maire and start-up lawyer André Eggert who gave tips on financing and explain economic and legal foundations. At the last Startup Talk Naren Shaam, CEO and CO-founder of GoEruo talked about the early days of his startup in his talk "How to build a great product that customers love."

"We are delighted that founders of particularly successful start-ups have accepted our invitation to the HPI, and we want to give students the opportunity to learn from the experiences, successes and concerns of successful start-up personalities" HPI Director Christoph Meinel. Almost every third student at HPI thinks about starting their own company, often already in the first semesters of the Bachelor.

The recordings are available on the YouTube and on the interactive MOOC platform openHPI.