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Data theft at US bank Capital One: HPI researcher discusses possible countermeasures

A few days ago, the hacker attack on the US financial services provider Capital One became public. Approximately 106 million bank customers are affected by the data leak. Other companies are also investigating possible effects on their systems. In his article on the blogging platform Medium, HPI PhD student Kennedy A. Torkura of the IT security team examines possible countermeasures and lessons to be learnt from the data breach.

Datendiebstahl bei US-Bank Capital One
It is believed that the hacker, Paige A. Thompson, gained access to Capital One's cloud infrastructure. (Photo: Medium.com)

While the details of the breach are still unfolding, it is imperative to analyze the breach based on the known facts, says Torkura. The aim is not to blame any entity but rather to gain corrective knowledge and lessons...

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