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Press Release

New York, New York: Hasso Plattner Institute Opens a New Branch

From 19 to 21 June 2017, the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) will celebrate the opening of its new branch in New York. The network conference "Sharing Knowledge, Creating Visions" will take center stage on 20 June, when HPI officially presents itself in New York.

"Together with our partner, the SAP innovation platform Next-Gen, we would like to present the work and research fields of HPI to New York's leading research institutes, universities and companies," said HPI Director Professor Christoph Meinel. The New York branch will allow all research areas to intensify their cooperation with their American partners or to launch new projects.

There will also be many new neighbors among the guests, as the branch facility is located on the 48th floor of the Hudson Yards building complex - one of the largest new projects in the city. Besides Silicon Valley, New York numbers among the fastest growing tech hubs.

On 19 and 21 June, the focal point will be the innovative approach of design thinking. A method that helps solve problems creatively and quickly, design thinking is carried out in multidisciplinary teams with the focus on the user. On Monday a workshop of the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program, with Professor Larry Leifer and Professor Christoph Meinel, will address the communication of research results. On 21 June, the Global Design Thinking Association will take place. The aim of this international initiative is the creation of a design-thinking platform for the exchange of research results, training, and training concepts as well as trends and best practice.

The new branch is part of the international HPI network and is the fifth location worldwide after Stanford, Cape Town, Nanjing and Haifa.

Profile of the Hasso Plattner Institute

Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam is Germany's university excellence center for digital engineering (https://hpi.de). With the bachelor's and master's degree programs in "IT Systems Engineering," the Faculty for Digital Engineering at the University of Potsdam offers an especially practical and engineering-oriented study program in computer science that is unique throughout Germany. At present, 500 students are enrolled in the program. HPI consistently earns a top-notch place in the CHE University Ranking. The HPI School of Design Thinking is Europe's first innovation school for university students. It is based on the Stanford model of the d.school and offers 40 places annually for a supplementary study. At HPI there are currently twelve professors and over 50 guest professors and lecturers. HPI conducts research noted for its high standard of excellence in its IT topic areas. PhD candidates carry out research at the HPI Research School in Potsdam and its branches in Cape Town, Haifa and Nanjing. The focus of HPI's teaching and research is on the foundations and applications of large, highly complex and networked IT systems. In addition, HPI concentrates on the development and research of user-oriented innovations for all areas of life.