Students Board

HPI students are officially represented by the IT Systems Engineering Student Board (“Fachschaftsrat”). The Board is elected annually and is composed of eight students.

(Foto: HPI-Fotoklub/Sven Köhler)

Student Board members

  • Wilhelm Friedemann
  • David Hahn
  • Merlin de la Haye
  • Felix Mujkanovic
  • Laurenz Seidel
  • Juliane Waack
  • Johannes Wolf (Chairman)
  • Maik Zarnbach

Please visit the student board's website for more information.

Contact us by phone: +49 (331) 5509 - 255

All members of the HPI student body can be contacted at their institute email addresses .@student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de, but you can also write to fachschaftsrat(at)hpi.de.

To find more information on your HPI student representatives, go to myHPI.de!