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Smart Maps: Intelligent 3-D Maps

Hasso Plattner Institute Helps to Design Intelligent 3-D Maps of the Cities of Tomorrow

HPI Researcher Benjamin Hagedorn presents intelligent 3D maps at CeBIT.

Innovative, intelligent city maps that make the objects of a digital three-dimensional city model into carriers for integrated information will be presented for the first time by Hasso Plattner Institute at CeBIT (Hall 9, Stand D44). These smart maps display, among other things, the current energy consumption of a building as a façade color. The projected development of the population in a neighborhood can be determined by the heights of buildings. In information spaces thus created orientation becomes easy, as other basic features, such as the road network, remain visible.

This innovation provides significant benefits for decision-makers in metropolitan areas around the world. These possibilities of “urban analytics” allow users to gain insight into information and the processes of a city as never before. Whether energy supply, traffic infrastructure, environmental protection or demographic development is involved – Big Data from different sources such as sensor networks, company software and simulation can be associated with an available digital 3-D city model. The new HPI software quickly generates the corresponding interactive analysis maps that will help in decision-making for “smart cities.”

Video: Intelligent 3-D Maps Help to Design the Cities of Tomorrow (German)

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