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Hasso-Plattner-InstitutDSG am HPI

Real-Time Event Analytics and Monitoring System (REAMS)

HPI’s Real-Time Event Analytics and Monitoring System (REAMS) enables users to collect all of the information that is present in their network about security relevant events— whether these come from servers, routers, or work computers and to transfer them in a uniform data format and evaluate them in real-time.

(Source: HPI)

The system also creates the necessary prerequisite to detect complex cyber attacks on companies and institutions and to analyze them quickly and flexibly, exactly in the moment they are executed. The interrelations of individual processes and typical patterns of attacks that occurred long ago can also be subsequently reconstructed by REAMS and evaluated in detail.

You can find further information here: https://hpi.de/meinel/security-tech/network-security/security-analytics/reams.html