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Experts discuss the future of work at HPI

Scientists, policy makers and corporate executives around the world are thinking about how digitization will affect the job market. How quickly and in which form will technical innovations such as Artificial Intelligence arrive in everyday working life? What new skills will be required of employees and managers in the future? And which strategies and best practice examples are there to successfully accompany companies and employees through this change?

Photo: HPI/K.Herschelmann

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The "Innovation for Jobs" conference on April 9 and 10, 2018 at the HPI offered two intensive days on the topic "The Future of Work". Around 170 participants from corporations and medium-sized companies, politics and political organizations, from the coaching sector as well as HPI alumni and students discussed the influence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence on the world of work, new working models, corporate structures and approaches to employee training.

Speakers agreed that, due to the combination of several technological innovations (Internet of Things, huge storage capacities, in-memory technology, deep learning), major upheavals in the world of work can be expected in the coming years. However, this is not reflected - at least in Germany - yet in the unemployment figures.

In keynote speeches as well as panel discussions, the participants answered questions about how Artificial Intelligence in particular will change the working world and called for a "demystification" of the term. In addition, new organizational forms of companies, innovative training, but also new ways of cooperation between man and machine were considered.

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