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Facebook for bees @Future SOC Lab

How social networks are formed within bee colonies. (2013)

For 10 years, the Future SOC Lab, the HPI's top research laboratory, has been offering researchers free access to a powerful IT landscape. The Lab, a server system consisting of many computing cores, with high memory capacity and a large volume of hard disk storage, specializes in service-oriented computing, involving the creation of software units that can be distributed over a network to create business processes and business applications.

In the last decade, many exciting projects have used the lab for their research projects. We would like to present five of them to you on the occasion of our 10th anniversary. 

(Source: Future SOC Lab)

More than just "Who's dancing with whom?"

The project team of "facebook for Bees: A Social Network" dealt with the research of social structures within honeycombs. Already in 2013 Fernando Wario Vázquez presented the project idea for the first time at the Hasso Plattner Institute as part of the Future SOC-Lab Day. Using a so-called "robo-bee", a group of 100 marked bees was trained to search for food from an artificial food source. Within the framework of this experimental setup, some bees formed "food groups" and stayed together even when taking food sources. As part of further research, a system was developed that made it possible to observe all individuals within a comb — usually between 2,000 and 4,000 — over a period of 60 days and 24 hours a day. The collected data will be processed and analyzed with the help of Future SOC Labs.

HPI Future SOC Lab Day

The semi-annual HPI Future SOC Lab Day presents the latest research in the lab. Reports, posters and presentations by researchers give peers and interested participants an insight into the research work at the HPI Future SOC Lab and expand the discussion network.

Call for Proposals

You can submit your research application for the next period of use until 12.04.2020. A Steering Committee of the HPI Future SOC Labs, consisting of representatives of the HPI and the industrial partners, decides on the approval of the project proposals. You can find more information about the "Call for Proposals" here