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HPI School of Entrepreneurship launches HPI Venture Builder - The Incubator for Digital Engineers in November

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HPI School of Entrepreneurship launches with the HPI Venture Builder - The Incubator for Digital Engineers a further program to develop business ideas into successful startups. The industry-agnostic incubator is designed for every tech entrepreneur who strives to solve global challenges and create sustainable impact. 

Our world and society need new sustainable business models and sustainable-thinking entrepreneurs to solve global and complex challenges. Creating entrepreneurial impact is rewarding. 

Still, startup founders need to overcome several challenges. Many questions arise from the start. Can my business idea be developed into a feasible business model? How do I monetize and scale my idea and venture? How does the founding process work from a legal perspective? How do I fund my venture? And many more. It’s often tough for future entrepreneurs to solve these challenges on their own. 

For this reason, we have designed the "HPI Venture Builder - The Incubator for Digital Engineers". The aim is to support future founders in developing their business model at a very early stage. The twelve-week incubation program consists of customized workshops, input sessions from experts, and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs. Each week participants will focus on a specific entrepreneurial topic. In parallel, they will further refine their business model and start to build their venture. The academic background does not matter. We strongly believe that anyone can become a (tech) entrepreneur.  

 When Frank Pawlitschek founded his own startup in 2008, he would have loved to join such an incubation program: 

“As a founder, you don't have to make every mistake yourself. Being fast and learning from others' experiences is what makes you a great entrepreneur. Particularly in the pre-startup phase, the chance of successfully building and scaling a venture can be improved with hands-on guidance.”

Since 2020, Frank is the Director of the HPI Entrepreneurship School. In 2021, he has led his startup to a successful exit. With his team, he now shares his experience and guides students to develop their business idea into a real startup. The HPI Venture Builder - The Incubator for Digital Engineers is therefore a further program enabling the development of sustainable business models to solve the most important challenges of our time. 

Are you interested in founding your own startup? Do you already have a business idea and now want to know how you can develop your business model further? 

Then you should apply for our twelve-week incubation program for digital engineers! The application process is now open for everyone. You will find all information here: https://hpi.de/entrepreneurship/venture-builder