Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

Interactive Tactic Board

Hitting the Bull’s-Eye in Team Sports: The Hasso Plattner Institute’s Interactive Tactic Board

HPI researcher Keven Richly (l.) helps to recognize complex tactical patterns in team sports.

Exhibitor Hasso Plattner Institute (Hall 9, Stand D44) presents a CeBIT novelty 2015 - an innovative sports software that not only provides statistics on running routes, sporting match results, or scores but can automatically recognize complex tactical patterns in video recordings at lightning speed. HPI computer scientists will be presenting their prototype of the “interactive tactic board.” This innovation helps to determine intuitively, efficiently, and fast, for example, strengths or weaknesses in the offensive or defensive behavior of teams or individual players. For this purpose, huge amounts of position data on individual players are analyzed with specially optimized algorithms developed in the HPI main memory database technology. This data can be detected by sensors or video supported systems of various data suppliers. The whole thing has been developed as a new graphical enquiry language for video analysis.

The interactive tactic board is a valuable help in game evaluation and training preparation, whereby coaches and professional athletes can analyze the specific way a game is built up, how a team member performs in a game, or how the shift of play develops from one side to another. The user will be able to define a specific game situation and immediately view all of the relevant scenes in game recordings of different matches.

The tactic board leads the coach directly to the time point in the video showing the selected move of one’s own team or the competition. Along with the video image, the HPI software calculates a kind of two-dimensional radar map from the position data of the individual players. In this way it is possible to get an individualized overview of the entire playing field. Besides that, especially important events, such as goals, can be visualized. The HPI tactic board shows all the possible positions from which the opposing team has shot on goal. The shots that have resulted in a goal are highlighted in a contrasting color.

Screenshot of the Interactive Tactic Board