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Reverse Time Migration in Nondestructive Testing @ Future SOC Lab

Projekt #3: Detecting Biographical Barriers - Testing and putting beta diversity on a map

For 10 years, the Future SOC Lab, the HPI's top research laboratory, has been offering researchers free access to a powerful IT landscape. The Lab, a server system consisting of many computing cores, with high memory capacity and a large volume of hard disk storage, specializes in service-oriented computing, involving the creation of software units that can be distributed over a network to create business processes and business applications.

Application of Reverse Time Migration to Ultrasonic Echo Data in Nondestructive Testing
Project #4: Application of Reverse Time Migration to Ultrasonic Echo Data in Nondestructive Testing (Image: Future Soc Lab)

In the last decade, many exciting projects have used the lab for their research projects. We would like to present five of them to you on the occasion of our 10th anniversary. 

The project "Application of Reverse Time Migration to Ultrasonic Echo Data in Nondestructive Testing" by Maria Grohmann and supported by the "Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)", dealt with the non-destructive analysis of concrete structures. By implementing a geophysical imaging technique (RTM), the project team optimized the existing imaging possibilities. Limitations of the previous ultrasonic technology (SAFT) can thus be decimated. Initial experiments with bodies of polyamide or steel confirmed this thesis, but at the same time showed the still existing problems with the imaging of 3D structures. In a second step, a so-called "elastic 2D RTM code" was implemented as a solution that would emit "elastic waves" for the team's ultrasonic measurements. The computing power required to perform the elastic RTM is significantly high. Therefore, the team was given access to the appropriate computer hardware in the Future SOC Lab to obtain meaningful results within a reasonable period of time.

Videos from 2017: https://www.tele-task.de/lecture/video/6217/

HPI Future SOC Lab Day

The semi-annual HPI Future SOC Lab Day presents the latest research in the lab. Reports, posters and presentations by researchers give peers and interested participants an insight into the research work at the HPI Future SOC Lab and expand the discussion network.

Call for Proposals

You can submit your research application for the next period of use until 12.04.2020. A Steering Committee of the HPI Future SOC Labs, consisting of representatives of the HPI and the industrial partners, decides on the approval of the project proposals. You can find more information about the "Call for Proposals" here.