Hasso-Plattner-InstitutSDG am HPI
Hasso-Plattner-InstitutDSG am HPI

The Professional Skills lecturers

Winter semester 2022/23

Professional skills are taught by professionals from the practice, experienced coaches and HPI professors and staff. Whether entrepreneurship, communication management or legal issues - they are all experts in their respective fields and contribute their knowledge and experience to the interdisciplinary teaching at HPI.

Dr. Anselm Brandi-Dohrn (Photo: BOETTICHER Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB)

Dr. Anselm Brandi-Dohrn

...is a partner in the field of IT and Intellectual Property law at von BOETTICHER Rechtsanwälte in Berlin. He advises companies in the IT and high-tech industry in- and outside of court with a focus on contract and license negotiations.

  • Course: IT-Law
  • Quote: “After more than 25 years in the field of contract negotiation and drafting, it is high-time to pass this knowledge on to the next generation…”
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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Tobias Braun (Photo: HWR Berlin)

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Tobias Braun

...is a professor of human resources and organization at the HWR Berlin. He is an author on topics of strategic management, organizational design and performance management. As a guest lecturer, he teaches at the European University Viadrina, among others.

  • Course: Business Simulation Strategic Management
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HPI School of Design Thinking

The HPI School of Design Thinking (D-School)

…offers an additional program with an innovative approach. In small, multidisciplinary teams, students from different departments develop innovative and people-centered solutions for complex problems. During the  process, they are in close contact with project partners from companies, NGOs and political institutions.

  • Course: Basic Track in Design Thinking, Advanced Track in Design Thinking, Wayfinder: Self- and Leadership Development, Global Design Thinking-Workshop
  • Contact (Elisabeth Höpner)
Robert Dabitz (Photo: Business Simulation Games | Business Schools & Corporate Trainings | Strategy, Disruption, Digital Transformation)

Robert Dabitz

...is that managing director at BerlinSim GmbH. He has years of experience as a project manager in the scientific field and works as an organizational consultant in well-known German companies. He is a trainer and coach for executives in the financial industry and a lecturer for management.

  • Course: Business Simulation Strategic Management
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Dr. Werner Dieball (Photo: Gereon Holtschneider)

Dr. Werner Dieball

…has worked as a speaker, trainer and coach in the fields of rhetoric and body language for over 20 years. He advises leaders and managers from business as well as personalities from politics and the media. He also works as an analysis expert for various print media, radio and television stations.

  • Course: Presenting Convincingly - The First Impression Counts (In German)
  • Quote: “There is more to everyone than what they show on the outside.”
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Karsten Drath

Karsten Drath

...is an entrepreneur, coach, author and passionate cyclist. The focus of his research is on how individuals, teams and organizations can deal with crises more effectively.

  • Course: Leading Yourself and Others in a Virtual World
  • Quote: “When something happens, the only thing in your power is your attitude toward it. It is not the things that disturb us, but our interpretation of their significance. Things and people are not what we wish them to be nor are they what they seem to be. They are what they are.” – Epictetus…
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HPI School of Entrepreneurship (E-School)

HPI School of Entrepreneurship (E-School)

...initiates formats for start-up-oriented idea generation, offers numerous practical teachings and supports you from the development of the first ideas to the kick-off of your start-up. The E-School is designed to inspire, motivate, support and practically educate you on your way to founding.

  • Quote: “E matters. Let’s make a difference and be entrepreneurs…“
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Rea Eldem (Photo: James Brooks)

Rea Eldem

...is the founder and managing director of IN-VISIBLE and the management consultant with specifications on equal work culture. Her mission is to make academic knowledge in the field of cultural studies and feminist theory accessible, tangible and useful. With IN-VISIBLE BERLIN she advises companies on gender and diversity strategies.

  • Course: Social Competence and Diversity (In German)
  • Quote: "Confronting oneself with one's own privileges, biases, and prejudice perspectives of others is an indispensable part of a sustainable education for students."
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Dr. Thilo Hagendorff (Photo: Private)

Dr. Thilo Hagendorff

...is an expert in applied ethics, especially technology and AI. He is the author of several non-fiction books as well as a project leader. He works in the Cluster of Excellence "Machine Learning: New Perspectives for Science" at the University of Tübingen.

  • Course: Ethical Questions in the Context of Data Engineering and Machine Learning
  • Course: “In my research I am particularly interested in how considerations of AI ethics can be applied practically…”
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Michael Karl Heidemann (Photo: Tanja Bolte)

Michael Karl Heidemann

…coaches leaders and accompanies organizations in developing their corporate culture for over 30 years. He develops his insides and assumptions at the interface between theory and practice.

  • Course: Leadership Competence - The Hard Impacts of Soft Skills (In German)
  • Quote: ”Even in a digitized working world, personalities are needed who can provide orientation as managers. You need to find out what is important for that for yourself – but you should start in time.”
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Prof. Dr. Eric Kearney (Photo: Privat)

Prof. Dr. Eric Kearney

…is a professor for leadership, organization and human resources at the University of Potsdam. His research focus is leadership and teamwork. His articles were published in leading international journals.

  • Course: Management Essentials
  • Quote: ”I investigate how leadership supports collaboration between people so that challenges in organizations and the society can be mastered.”
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Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker (Photo: Private)

Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker

...is a computer science specialist with a focus on European and international IT security and data protection law. Among other things, he works as a legal advisor at VDE e.V. in Frankfurt a. M., managing director of Certavo GmbH in Bremen and as a board member of EAID in Berlin.

  • Course: Legal Requirements for Data Protection & Cybersecurity; Ethics, Law and Compliance
  • Quote: “Data asceticism no longer exists – that’s why living informational self-determination is more important than ever…”
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 Dr. Timo Kötzing

Dr. Timo Kötzing

...is passionate lecturer with a focus on the basics (mathematics, algorithmics). In his research he considers modern optimization heuristics such as evolutionary algorithms or based on swarm intelligence.

  • Course: Science - Introduction to Scientific Research
  • Quote: “To learn is hard work. The goal of teaching must be to facilitate this process as well as possible.”
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Dr. Martin Krengel

Dr. Martin Krengel

...is the author of 11 guidebooks on learning, time management and motivation. He founded the online course platform Studienstrategie.de. Krengel completed two different courses of study in 5 countries and earned his doctorate in the field of motivation, decision-making and learning psychology.

  • Course: Leaning Strategies & Time Management: Golden Rules for Motivation, Focus and Effectiveness
  • Zitat: "He who stops getting better, stops being good…“ 
Dr. Jana Leidenfrost (Photo: Det Kempke)

Dr. Jana Leidenfrost

...accompanies individuals, teams and organizations in transition situations on questions of leadership and the development of potential. She favors a holistic way of working that integrates both scientific principles and practical work with body and mind.

  • Course: Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Skills (In German)
  • Quote: “I am interested in professional mastery and leadership. That is because seeing matured personalities work with heart and mind in scientific, technical or entrepreneurial responsibilities is a fulfilment of purpose to me.”
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Monika Menz (Photo: reuschlaw Legal Consultants)

Monika Menz

...is, among other things, a lawyer and specialist in information technology law. As an expert in information technology, data protection and IT security law, her research focuses particularly on the international aspects of these regulatory matters. 

  • Course: IT-Law
  • Quote: "I have always been passionate about all topics related to law and innovation. This is also reflected in my research interests and my daily work. In particular, I focus on disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and AI and their regulation in a national and international context."
Dr. Sharon Nemeth (Photo: private)

Dr. Sharon Nemeth

…is a translator, copyeditor and lecturer at Hasso Plattner Institute. Her translation work includes a number of eminent HPI publications. In her work as a teacher, she takes a personal interest in addressing the language needs of her students in their academic and professional environments. 

  • Course: Academic Writing for Science (Engl. Level 3)
  • Quote: “It is my privilege to work with HPI students in addressing their real-life writing challenges, and thus removing at least some of the obstacles to writing well in English. With what they learn, students should ideally have a source to draw on for language support now and in the future.”
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Ulf Schaefer (Photo: SDA Bocconi)

Ulf Schäfer, PhD

...is an associate professor of Practice Leadership at SDA Bocconi. His research focuses on moral psychological explanations of unethical behavior of individuals and groups in organizations.

Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel

…is professor for design thinking and innovation research at HPI. Together with his team, he explores methods and procedures of how the adaption and integration of human-centered design and design thinking in companies lead to sustainable business innovations. A special focus lies on software-driven products, processes and service innovations.

  • Course: Global Team-Based Innovation I & II
  • Quote: “Human-centered design is essential for developing software and sustainable digital innovations.”
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Dr. Julia von Thienen

Dr. Julia von Thienen

...has been working at HPI since 2008. Her research focuses on design thinking as an approach to creativity, collaboration and innovation. Since 2018, she has been building a research group on neurodesign, which focuses intensively on the biological basis of creativity, collaboration and innovation in design thinking research and teaching.