IT Systems Engineering

The academic program at Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) offers the bachelor’s, the master’s and the doctoral degree in IT Systems Engineering (ITSE).  HPI’s degree program regularly earns the highest positions in the CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development) university ranking. With its emphasis on practical experience, the computer science program at Hasso Plattner Institute opens the right doors to excellent career opportunities in the much sought after IT field.

Based on the findings and developments in computer science, combined with engineering expertise, IT Systems Engineering is concerned with the conception, design and operation of complex IT systems. Knowledge is mediated by way of models, processes, architectures and the performance of such systems. From the beginning, students are given the opportunity to acquire their own practical experience in this field.  

An engineering culture in the IT sector requires a close orientation on the business sector and its processes. Software modeling plays a special role, as do methods for software description. Both facilitate the interaction between computer scientists and non-computer scientists, allowing their communication to become easier and more coherent. IT engineers can thus transfer their expertise quickly and error-free in a way similar to that of their colleagues in  electrical and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, students of IT Systems Engineering are trained in the fast processing and testing of early prototypes as well as the conception and use of reusable components.


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ITSE Degree Programs

HPI offers the following tuition-free academic programs in IT Systems Engineering:

  • Bachelor
    The bachelor’s program in IT Systems Engineering, comprised of six semesters, is the first state-accredited academic degree at HPI.  The general higher education school-leaving diploma (high school diploma) is an entry requirement. 
  • Master
    The master’s program in IT Systems Engineering is comprised of four semesters. For admission to the program an undergraduate degree in the same or a related computer science field is necessary.
  • Doctorate
    PhD candidates at HPI can earn their degree while working as a research assistant in one of the research groups or as a scholarship holder at the HPI Research School.