Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut20 Jahre HPI

The Digital Engineering Faculty at the University of Potsdam hereby announces two joint professorships with Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI) under the Jülich model to be filled immediately:

Full Professorship (W3) in Digital Health with Special Emphasis on Big Data


Full Professorship (W3) in Digital Health with Special Emphasis on Connected Healthcare

These two professors will establish the English-language master’s degree program “Digital Health” at the newly founded Digital Health Center in the Digital Engineering Faculty. They will be responsible for developing a center of excellence in the field of digital health with a clear profile and a high visibility in research and teaching on an international scale.   

The professorship focusing on multimodal Big Data will explore and develop new testing, diagnostic, prognostic, and healing methods for medicine and healthcare using largescale data comparisons with approaches based on artificial intelligence and Deep Learn-ing. Prerequisites for the position are in-depth experience and outstanding achievements in data analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling in the field of health research.

The professorship focusing on Connected Healthcare will explore and utilize the possibilities of digital transformation in all sectors of healthcare, including chronic healthcare coordination and home monitoring. Extensive expertise in healthcare systems, epidemiological analyses, and healthcare research data are prerequisites for the position.

Interdisciplinary collaboration with key stakeholders, scholarly networking and close cooperation with cognate disciplines of the Faculty, particularly in digital health, is expected. In addition, the post holders shall independently organize research projects, forge new alliances, and create national and international networks. The implementation of joint projects with industry and society is also expected.

The joint appointees are obligated to a teaching load of at least 8 weekly lecture hours per semester within the Digital Engineering Faculty at the University of Potsdam.

The following application requirements for professors must be documented in accordance with Section 41 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (Brandenburgisches Hochschulgesetz, BbgHG): a completed university degree, pedagogical aptitude, and a special ability for scientific work, as is typically documented by a dissertation project; comprehensive competences in science management and additional scholarly achievements as evidenced by a Habilitation (post-doctoral dissertation), a junior professorship or work as a research associate at an institution of higher education or an extramural research institution, or scholarly activity in the private sector, or in a similar social field, whether in Germany or abroad. The appointment procedure is conducted in accordance with Section 40 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act.

The University strives for a balanced gender ratio at all levels. Severely disabled applicants will be given preferential consideration in the event of equal qualification. We expressly invite applications from people with migration backgrounds.

The University of Potsdam supports newly appointed professors with its Dual Career Service and coaching support: www.uni-potsdam.de/berufungen.html

Please submit your application and relevant documentation (presentation of your research interests, CV, copies of academic certificates and credentials, list of pub-lications, list of courses taught, list of projects funded externally) via email (in a single PDF file) to ausschreibungen@uni-potsdam.de no later than December 14th, 2017. For professional questions please contact Prof. Dr. Erwin Böttinger, erwin.boettinger(at)hpi.uni-potsdam.de.