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Dr. Rehab Alnemr

Research Associate

Phone: ++49 (0)331 5509-526 

E-mail: rehab.alnemr(at)hpi.de

Room: H-1.18 

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Research group: Internet Technologies and Systems

Also as a Design Thinking Coach in the School of Design Thinking

Topics and Interests

  • Trust management: Reputation-based systems
  • Design Thinking
  • Semantic web technologies
  • Quality processes
  • Trust in social networks

Reputation Object Project

 Reputation Object ontology

Research Statement

Book Chapters

  1. Rehab Alnemr, Matthias Quasthoff, Christoph Meinel, "Taking Trust Management to the Next Level", Book chapter in Handbook of Research on P2P and Grid Systems for Service-Oriented Computing: Models, Methodologies and Applications,IGI Global, Hershey, 2010.
  2. Justus Bross, Long Wang, Rehab Alnemr, "Disruption in the ICT-sector: Will former telecommunications monopolists stumble across VoIP?", Book chapter in Intelligent Quality of Service Technologies and Network Management: Models for Enhancing Communication, 2009.

Publications: (current submissions not listed)

  1. Rehab Alnemr and Christoph Meinel, "Reputation Objects for Interoperable Reputation Exchange: Implementation and Design Decisions", In the TrustCol'12 workshop, Pittsburgh, USA, 2012 
  2. Christian Neuhaus, Rehab Alnemr, Lysann Kessler, Frank Schlegel, and Andreas Polze, "InstantLab 2.0- A Platform for Operating System Experiments on Public Cloud Infrastructure", In the CloudFuture Workshop, Berkeley, US, 2012.    
  3. Rehab Alnemr and Christoph Meinel, "Why rating is not enough: A study on online reputation systems", In the Collaborative Communities for Social Computing workshop (CCSocialComp), Florida, USA, 2011.
  4. Rehab Alnemr, Maxim Schnjakin, Christoph Meinel, "Towards Context-aware Service-oriented Semantic Reputation Framework", In The 10th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (IEEE TrustCom), November 2011, China.
  5. Olga Streibel, Rehab Alnemr, "Trend-based and Reputation-Versed Personalized News Network", In the 3rd Int. ACM Search and Mining User-generated Contents (SMUC) workshop associated with CIKM, October 2011, UK.
  6. Rehab Alnemr, Christoph Meinel, "From Reputation Models and Systems to Reputation Ontologies", Proc. 5th IFIP Trust Management, Springer IFIP, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2011. 
  7. Maxim Schnjakin, Rehab Alnemr and Christoph Meinel, "A Security and High-Availability Layer for Cloud Storage", The 2nd Int. Workshop on Cloud Information System Engineering (Springer CISE 2010), December 2010, Hong Kong.
  8. Adrian Paschke, Rehab Alnemr, Christoph Meinel, "The Rule Responder Distributed reputation Management System for the Semantic Web", RuleML-2010 Challenge, Washington DC, USA.
  9. Maxim Schnjakin, Rehab Alnemr and Christoph Meinel, "Contract-based Cloud Architecture", The 2nd International ACM Workshop on Cloud Data Management-alongside the 19th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Toronto, 2010.
  10. Rehab Alnemr, Adrian Paschke, Christoph Meinel, "Enabling Reputation Interoperability through Semantic Technologies", ACM International Conference on Semantic Systems, Sept 2010.
  11. Rehab Alnemr, Stefan Koenig, T. Eymann and C. Meinel, "Enabling Usage control through Reputation Objects: A discussion on e-Commerce and the Internet of Services environments", in the special issue of Trust and Trust Management, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 2010.
  12. Kia Teymourian, Rehab Alnemr, Olga Streibel, Adrian Paschke, Christoph Meinel, "Towards Semantic Event-driven Systems", IEEE 3rd Int. Conference on New Technologies, mobility, and Security. December 2009.
  13. Irfan Ul Haq, Rehab Alnemr, Adrian Paschke, Erich Schikuta, Harold Boley, Christoph Meinel, "Distributed Trust Management for Validating SLA Choreographies ", SLAs in Grids workshop, CoreGRID Springer series 2009.
  14. Rehab Alnemr, Justus Bross, Christoph Meinel, "Constructing a Context-aware Service-Oriented Reputation Model using Attention Allocation Points", Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Service Computing (SCC 2009), Bangalore, India, September 2009, pp. 451 to 457, ISBN: 978-0-7695-3811-2/09.
  15. Rehab Alnemr, Christoph Meinel, "Getting more from Reputation Systems: A Context-aware Reputation Framework based on Trust Centers and Agent Lists", Proc. 3rd Multi-Conference ICCGI, IEEE Press, Athens, Greece, July 2008, pp. 137 - 142, ISBN: 978-0-7695-3275-2 [Best paper award]
  16. Rehab Alnemr, Christoph Meinel, "A discussion of security requirements and issues in healthcare information systems",Proc. 10th Healthcom, Poster, IEEE Communications Press, Singapore, July 2008, pp. 345 - 350, ISBN: 978-1-4244-2281-4
  17. Christoph Meinel, Rehab Alnemr, "Security Issues and Aspects in Healthcare Pervasive Systems",Proc. XVI Winter Course CATAI, Tenerife, March 2008, pp. 4 - 9, ISBN: 978-84-612-1364-1

Technical Reports

  • Rehab Alnemr - "Enabling Reputation Interoperability through Semantic Technologies", October 2010
  • Rehab Alnemr - "Reputation Object Model Applications", April 2010
  • Rehab Alnemr - "Context-aware Reputation in SOA and Future Internet", October 2009.
  • Rehab Alnemr - "Reputation Dynamics: towards context-aware service-oriented model ", April 2009.
  • Rehab Alnemr - "Taking Trust Management to the next level: Analysis and Formalization", October 2008.
  • Rehab Alnemr - "How to trust: An approach based on adjusted-Reputation",Proceedings of HPI Research School on Service-Oriented Systems Engineering, April 2008.
  • Rehab Alnemr - "A Matter of Trust", Proceedings of HPI Research School on Service-Oriented Systems Engineering, October 2007.

Undergraduate and Master Thesis Publications

  • Rehab El Nemr, Iman Sarwait, S. Ahmed ,"Action-Triggered Public-Key cryptography for GSM systems with Phone-Dependent end-to-end encryption", ICGST International Journal on Computer and Internet Research (CNIR), June 2006, Vol.:V-II
  • Rehab El Nemr, Iman Sarwait, S. Ahmed, "Action-Triggered Public-Key System using RSA with Phone-Dependent encryption", SECRYPT 2006, International Conference in Security and Cryptography in Portugal, an IEEE Co-sponsored conference, August 2006.
  • Rehab El Nemr, Nesreen Kamel, Aboul Ella Hassanien ,"Virtual University: The Future " at the 8th Egyptian Society for information Systems & Computer Technology conference, Sadat Academy,Cairo, February 2001.


  • Finalist in the Anita Borg Scholarship organized by Google: Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for the years 2009 and 2010. 
  • Best Paper Award  in the 3rd International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, July 2008. 

  • Award of outstanding Achievement- First Ranked Teaching Assistant, German University in Cairo, 2006.

Previous Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant: <A href=http://met.guc.edu.eg/> German University in Cairo </A>
  • Teching Assistant: Arab academy for science and technology and Maritime Transport