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Clean-IT Conference 2023

25/26 October 2023

The clean-IT Conference is an international platform for the exchange of ideas to make the digital world more sustainable. High-ranking policy and industry leaders engaged in a dialogue with academia and civil society to address the pressing issue of how digital technologies can support the fight against climate change and what needs to be done to reduce the carbon footprint of digitalization.

At a glance

In today's world, sustainability has become critical to the growth and success of businesses. There is no doubt that the ongoing digitalization and networking of devices and systems have a significant impact on our energy consumption and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that pollute our environment. The trend goes in both directions: Digitization is helping to reduce energy waste and CO2 emissions in traditional sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, power generation and distribution, agriculture and construction. Through the intelligent use of technology, companies can optimize and automate their processes to improve resource efficiency and reduce waste. On the other hand, digital technologies themselves have immense and growing energy demands. The question arises how we should manage these energy-intensive technologies to minimize environmental damage by systematically measuring the energy consumption of digital systems and introducing innovations to reduce energy waste in the development and application of digital technologies.


clean-IT Summit: What is the Climate Impact of Digitalization?

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Revolutionize Construction – Building Smarter

Revolutionize Energy Production & Distribution

Revolutionize Manufacturing – AI & the Internet of Things

Revolutionize Agriculture

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How to measure energy consumption of digital systems?

Revolutionize Digital Systems and AI

Revolutionize Regulation

Photo Gallery: Clean-IT Conference 2022

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