Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

October 2009 - 7th Retreat of the HPI Research School

The 7th Ph.D. retreat of the "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" Research School took place on October 15th and October 16th, 2009, at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam. Together with the HPI professors the members of the Research School discussed the current states of the research activities and future plans. Also the new Ph.D. students introduced themselves to their new collegues.

  • Rehab Alnemr - "Context‐aware Reputation in SOA and Future Internet"
  • Artem Polyvyanyy - “Abstraction of Process Specifications“
  • Mohammed AbuJarour - “Information Integration in Services Computing”
  • Malte Appeltauer - “Developing Context‐aware Services”
  • Dieter Hildebrandt - “Towards Service‐Oriented, Standards‐Based, Image‐Based Provisioning, Interaction with and Styling of Geovirtual 3D Environments”
  • Ivonne Thomas - "Reliable Digital Identities for SOA and the Web"
  • Hagen Overdick - “Introducing the Model Mapper Enacter Pattern”
  • Michael Schöbel - "A Runtime Environment for Online Processing of Operating System Kernel Events"
  • Matthias Uflacker - "Computational Analysis of Virtual Team Collaboration in the Early Stages of Engineering Design"
  • Stephan Kluth - “Advances in FMC‐QE”
  • Michael Menzel - "Model‐driven Security in Service‐oriented Architectures”
  • Alexander Schmidt - “Automatic Extraction of Locking Policies”
  • Benjammin Hagedorn - “An Interactive, Image‐Based Portrayal Service for 3D Geovirtual Environments”
  • Emilian Pascalau - “An overview on the current approaches for building end executing mashups”
  • Michael Perscheid - “Requirements Traceability in Service‐oriented Computing”
  • Thomas Vogel - “Models at Runtime for Monitoring and Adapting Software Systems”
  • Uwe Hentschel - “Services for Real‐Time Computing”
  • Frank Feinbube - „On Programming Models for Multi‐Core Computers“
  • Thomas Kowark - "A Service Landscape for a Manager Dashboard"
  • Jonas Trümper - “Concepts and Tools for Software Visualization of Complex, Service‐Based Systems”
  • Tobias Vogel - “Provisioning and Adaption of Data Quality Web Services”
  • Introduction of new members 
    • Jan‐Arne Sobania
    • Regina Hebig
    • Andreas Meyer
    • Johannes Lorey
    • Saurabh Arora