Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI
Hasso-Plattner-Institut25 Jahre HPI

April 2009 - 6th Retreat

The 6th Ph.D. retreat of the "Service-Oriented Systems Engineering" Research School took place on April 24th, 2009, at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam. Together with the HPI professors the members of the Research School discussed the current states of the research activities and future plans. Also the new Ph.D. students introduced themselves to their new collegues.

  • Schöbel,Michael - “Online Processing of Operating System Kernel Events”
  • Hagedorn, Benjamin - “Advanced and Interactive 3D Portrayal Services”
  • Menzel, Michael - “A Secure Execution Environment for Service Orchestrations”
  • Schmidt, Alexander - “Tool Support for Monitoring Parallel Systems”
  • Overdick, Hagen - "Service entities as basis for scalable workflow on the Internet"
  • Kluth, Stephan - “Product Form Queuing Networks and Inter-Server Control Flows”
  • Rehab AlNemr - “Reputation Dynamics: into reputation management process “
  • Artem Polyvyanyy - „Business Process Model Abstraction“
  • Ivonne Thomas - “Why Claim-Based Identity Management is not enough to Manage Digital Identities in Web- and Service-based Environments”
  • Malte Appeltauer - “Language Support for Context-oriented Service Computing”
  • Basil Becker - “Safety Guarantees for Service-Oriented Systems“
  • Mohammed AbuJarour - „Service-Oriented Information Integration“
  • Dieter Hildebrandt - “Interacting with Remote, Massive Virtual 3D City Models by Utilizing an Image-Based 3D Portrayal Service”
  • Michael Perscheid - „Dynamic Service Analysis“
  • Emilian Pascalau - “A Rule-Based Approach of creating and executing Mashups”
  • Thomas Vogel - “Towards a Model-Driven Infrastructure for Self-Adaptive Service-Oriented Systems”
  • Uwe Hentschel - “Services for Real-Time Computing”